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Dancing With The Stars

”Livid” DWTS Pros Derek Hough and Mark Ballas Bash Dance Moms As ”Child Abuse”

It’s official: Dancing With the Stars pros hate Dance Moms.

Back in September, DWTS pro Louis van Amstel took to Twitter to bash the Lifetime show and its featured dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller. Louis argued that Dance Moms should be canceled, but added parents should watch the show just to make sure they “NEVER let [their] kids take lessons from a teacher like [Abby]."

Recently, Louis's fellow DWTS pros Derek Hough and Mark Ballas tweeted similar thoughts of disgust. Derek tweeted on Feb. 22, “I'm sorry but this Dance mom show is straight up abusive... Kids Run !!!!!!! It ain't right. Child abuse isn't right. I'm livid right now. Theres a difference between being strict and being abusive... I believe in discipline and a strong work ethic. But there is nothing productive about screaming and making little girls cry over being on the wrong foot.”

Derek wasn't alone: Mark had gone on a a similar rant just the day before. Here is just a small part of Mark's previous rant: "Watching dance moms... Anyone watch this show?? This teacher lady is crazy... Completely wrong attitude towards the kids, it['s] embarrassing." He added, "I watched 4 15 mins & switched off, & only reason I wld watch is concern 4 the kids, she needs 2 B fired...#abbeysucks.”

When one follower defended Abby, saying, "You can't argue with her tactics because they work. Most of her students end up in broadway," Mark snapped back, "Horrific tactics...correct teaching is patience, discipline, confidence building and love."

Oh, and in case you're questioning Mark's qualifications, he reminded his followers that "[he's] been teaching kids since [he] was 16," adding, "u can't argue with my or any of the dancers I work with['s] record[s]. And we don't behave like that to children." Based on his success on DWTS, we're confident Mark knows how to get great results without yelling at his students.

Here’s a ratings idea: If DWTS really wants a “controversial” contestant for Season 14, they should cast Abby and make her show her stuff alongside the DWTS pros.

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