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Top 5 OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 16: “Cross Rhodes”

Oh, Gossip Girl, you're always deliverin' the OMGs! In a night that included CeCe's mostly-predictable death (sniffle!) and the inevitable collision of the dueling Charlies' trajectories (eeeep!), there were still surprises aplenty...

Here are our TOP FIVE! Share your additions in the comments.

Lola didn't know she had a family!
WHAT? Carol just got a little wackier! Poor Lola (Ella Rae Peck) heads to the hospital to track down Ivy (Kaylee DeFer), only to find her MOTHER... sitting with a family she doesn't know exist... who are preparing for the death of her biological grandmother! This poor gal! WHAT THE! She fled in a hurry — even eschewing the friendly face of Serena (Blake Lively)! — but we've a feeling she won't stray too far...

Chuck dumps Dan's proposal & replaces it with... a plagiarized alternative!
Ouch, Chuck (Ed Westwick)! That's coooold. That V-Day kiss was a two-way street with your beloved Blair taking equal part! We get it, you're hurting. But... Dan's career? This guy is your friend! You were the first to acknowledge his love of Blair, in that adorable scene between you guys on those steps!!! Upside to this whole mess? Chuck's AMAZING and ADORABLE fake-out facial expressions when he was selling his story to Alessandra after their... little afternoon delight sesh.

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Blair realizes her feelings for Dan — on stage!
A great moment, it was (one for the Dair history books, fo' sho!), but might we have also caught sight of a new budding career for Miss B? Did you hear those applause as she walked off stage? Did you seeeee the director sitting in awe of her skillz?! The idea of her return to the stage has to come up in a future ep, right? For the record, WE'RE INTO IT.

Blair tells Chuck to back off!
Awww, we hate to see a hurtin' Chuck Bass, but this was a pretty bold step for B. AND, it was a pretty amazing moment for Dair fans, who surely recognized the magnitude with which B was officially going all-in on this! Standing up to C-Bass in order to help Dan? This is unprecedented behavior for the Queen B...

Blair kisses Dan in the hospital hallway!
FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE! Blair Waldorf, you are just full of surprises! And the look on Dan Humphrey's cute lil' face showed that he knowwws it, too! Welcome to LEGITness, Dair! Don't mind the pained look on Serena's face back there...

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