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The Secret Circle

5 Reasons Cassie Should Be With Jake on The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle's Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) must be looking for studs in all the right places, because both Jake Armstrong (Chris Zylka) and Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker) are vying for her attention! But who should Cass choose as a permanent spellgasm partner? You guessed it: Jake Arms-so-strong.

Let's be honest – we can't think of one reason Cassie shouldn't be with Jake, so it was a breeze to come up with five reasons why she should!

1. He Is a Super Stud
Jake blows us away week after week with his penetrating-yet-nonchalant gaze, his leather jackets, and his "I don't give a &%$*" attitude. He had us swooning at "Hey, neighbor," and we haven't looked back since! How can Cassie not realize how lucky she is?

2. He Isn't Afraid to Take Lives
Cassie judged Jake when he revealed that he's a cold-hearted killer, but really? From the girl who spontaneously combusted her former classmate and prom date? As far as we're concerned, Cassie should be thrilled that Jake is manly enough to kill bad-guys – after all, it's usually to protect her.

3. He's (Triple) Troubled
Jake's parents died in a fiery boat accident, so naturally he did what any stud would do and decided to hate himself. Thus began a life of killing witches and buying leather – which was topped off by the unexpected death of his studly protege, Nick. All this emotional upheaval caused Jake to become introverted, deep and tragic. Let him cry on your shoulder, Cassie!

4. His Body Is Amazing
To be fair, Cassie hasn't seen Jake's rock-hard abs of steel, but shouldn't she just assume they're lurking beneath his man-tanks? We feel the heat of that six-pack radiating through our televisions every Thursday night – that's how powerful it is.

5. He's Always There for Cassie
Jake isn't quite as faithful as Adam, but he's never failed to come through for Cassie when she needs him. C'mon, he boated all the way back from the middle of the ocean to save her from witch hunters!