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The Bachelorette

Do You Agree That These Bachelor Nation Stars Should Do DWTS? Who Else? Kacie? Graham? Stag?

ABC's Monday night 8 to 10 PM spot is a two-hour stretch of delicious dancing/drama/divas. Part of the year, the time slot is filled with The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad, and the other part it has the spring and fall seasons of Dancing With the Stars.

Do You Agree That These Bachelor Nation Stars Should Do DWTS? Who Else? Kacie? Graham? Stag?
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Three Bachelor Nation alumni have already crossed the divide to dance — Trista Sutter on DWTS Season 1, Melissa Rycroft on Season 8, and Jake Pavelka on Season 10. We've recommended a few names here and there (most recently Bachelorettes Ali Fedotowsky or Ashley Hebert) but The Stir just stirred up some great suggestions for "super-competitive" Bachelor stars to go on the upcoming DWTS Season 14, which starts on March 19.

As The Stir writer Stefanie Favicchio put it, "I got to thinking about it ... if they're this competitive on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, how great would they be on a show like Dancing With the Stars? Oh, the cutthroat competition possibilities for Season 14 ..."

Here are the names she suggests:

Courtney Robertson (The Bachelor 16)
Roberto Martinez (The Bachelorette 6 and our favorite daydreams)
Ashley Hebert (The Bachelor 15 and Bachelorette 7)
Vienna Girardi (The Bachelor 14 and Bachelor Pad 2)
Ryan “Mr. Sunshine Park (The Bachelorette 7)

Read the full story for her explanations for why she chose them.

One guy who is apparently miffed to be missed is our beloved Graham Bunn of The Bachelorette 4 and Bachelor Pad 2. As he tweeted after we shared The Stir story, “Graham Bunn: @sofetch17 @dwtswetpaint @BachelrWetpaint no love!?!?!? Lol.”

Don’t worry, Graham. So much love. Too much to be legal. Do you like The Stir’s list? Who else would you add to their suggestions, besides Gorgeous Graham, who is apparently ready to strip down for a sassy Samba? (That’s how we’re reading that tweet, anyway.)

Here are some further ideas:

Kacie Boguskie — Apparently the recent Bachelor 16 castoff wants to do DWTS and since it’s too late for her to be The Bachelorette for Season 8, this would be perfect timing.
Michael Stagliano — Would kill on DWTS, thanks to his experience as a breakdancer. Plus he has a history with DWTS pro Chelsie Hightower and it would be cute to see them dance together.
Andy Baldwin — Andy has done so much good for the world since being The Bachelor on Season 10. DWTS would be a good forum for his charities and hot Iron Man bod.
Ryan Sutter — Ryan also needs a forum to flash his hot fireman Iron Man bod, which he’s kept in great shape since winning The Bachelorette Season 1. And poor Trista was the first contestant ever to be eliminated on DWTS so Ryan needs to redeem the family name.
Jillian Harris — She’s not just a veteran of The Bachelor 13 and The Bachelorette 5, she’s a former designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (sniff, we miss you!) and a legit designer/show host, so she has more “celeb” status than just a Bachelor alum.
Erica Rose — Because the tiara princess of The Bachelor: Rome and Bachelor Pad 2 is the definition of good TV.

What do you think? Which Bachelor folks would you like to see dance?

Source: The Stir

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