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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Post-Mortem: What It’s Like to Die, Gossip Girl-Style

Monday night’s episode of Gossip Girl wound up bein’ the swan song for one of the most scandalous members of Manhattan’s elite – none other than Ms. CeCe Rhodes! And though ol’ Grandma Ce’s spent five seasons clocking some pretty questionable behavior ‘round the UES, we gotta say, we’re totally gonna miss her!! And from the sound of it, we’re not alone…

TVLine chatted with the woman behind the infamous CeCe, Caroline Lagerfelt, after the conclusion of her GG run, and she told the mag there’s a couple things she’ll miss about her home-away-from-home – starting with one co-star in particular. “[It’s] sad for me and Kelly [Rutherford] because we’re really close in real life,” Lagerfelt said. “She’s got the most wonderful mother, but I sort of feel like her second mom.”

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And the other thing? Duhhh, THE CLOTHES!

She added, “The other thing I’m really, really going to miss – apart from Kelly, the kids, the crew – are Eric Daman’s designs.”

In fact, those designs – which she calls “as strong a character in the show as any of the actors” – helped her through her transition out of life in the GG world! Lagerfelt shared, “I was so pissed I didn’t get to crack any jokes about dry martinis, so [Daman] got me the most fabulous earrings to wear. This is dying, Gossip Girl-style.”

But knowing GG’s penchant for bringing back guest-stars, might we see Lagertfelt haunting (joke!) the UES again someday? (Sure, the show’s never brought anyone back from the dead – has it? – but there’s a first time for everything! Riiight?). The actress is certainly not ruling it out, saying, “One of my [Twitter] fans said, ‘But that’s not CeCe. That’s her twin sister DeDe!’ Flashbacks, ghosts, the twin sister DeDe – with Gossip Girl, you never know.”

We don’t know about you, but this genius Twitter fan is totally on to something! How amazing would it be to see this familiar face back on our small screens, with a totally different personality/demeanor/style/etc that could ROCK the van der Woodsen/Rhodes clan to their coreeee, with no CeCe around to make sense of it?!! GG writers, we’re just sayin’…

In the meantime, Lagertfelt feels the departure of CeCe will leave room for Lily’s growth. “What her death does is it puts [Lily] in the position of the matriarch. That would be very interesting to see if she picks up the baton… It gives Kelly’s character a lot of room to develop in new, exciting direction for the next year.”

We agree! Go Lily! (We just hope Lil still has time for her main man-friend Rufus with all this transition – the dude would be hella lost without her these days…)

Source: TVLine

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02.23.2012 / 12:37 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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