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Lord Tubbington’s Ecstasy Addiction! Top 10 Quotes From Glee Season 3, Episode 14 — “I Was Distracted By Your Giant Horse Teeth”

When it came to funny lines and witty quips, the newest episode of Glee did not disappoint. Here are our picks for the top 10 quotes from Season 3, Episode 14: “On My Way.”

10. Sue’s pregnancy is a gift and a curse.
Sue (Jane Lynch) [to Quinn (Dianna Agron)]: For instance, I can tell that in the last week, you either enjoyed a delicious curry or a hug from Principal Figgins.

9. #PeanutButterProblems.
Sugar (Vanessa Lengies): There are about 15 of us here, and I’m only comfortable sharing a spoon with about half of you.

8. What’s the insult? We love Betty White!
Sebastian (Grant Gustin) [to Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer)]: Well, well — if it isn’t the young Barbra Streisand and the old Betty White.

7. No one would accuse Sue of having a poor self-image.
Sue [about why she admires Quinn]: At first, I thought it was because you reminded me of a younger, somewhat less-striking Sue Sylvester.

6. Apparently, Kurt thought he was talking to Mr. Ed.
Kurt [to Sebastian]: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you — I was distracted by your giant horse teeth.

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5. Brittany uses strange criteria for judging a cappella groups.
Brittany (Heather Morris) [to Puck (Mark Salling)]: Are you high? I couldn’t hear their instruments at all.

4. Sure, Finn wants to get married. Just not in lieu of cardio.
Rachel: I wanna get married. Now.
Finn (Cory Monteith): I have gym.

3. It’s nice that Santana focuses on what she and Sebastian have in common.
Santana (Naya Rivera) [to Sebastian]: Let me break it down for you, from one bitch to another.

2. Kurt’s whole life is one big parade, and we’re all just spectators.
Sebastian: And you give the gay community cutting-edge fashion that's usually only seen on Puerto Rican pride floats.

1. We hear that the cat-rave scene is bigger than ever these days.
Brittany: I want Lord Tubbington to kick his ecstasy addiction.

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