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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Bianca Lawson Reveals Two Emaya Scenes That Didn’t Make the Final Cut

First Bianca Lawson (who plays Maya) hinted that her character on Pretty Little Liars wouldn’t be the one who gets killed off in Season 2, and now she is revealing Emaya scenes that were written into the script but never made it to an actual episode. Is she trying to drive the shippers crazy with joy?

In an interview with After Ellen, Bianca reveals some special scenes with Emily (Shay Mitchell) that never got filmed.

First up, a scene between Emily, Maya and Paige (Lindsey Shaw), which we heard some rumblings about earlier this month.

“There was originally supposed to be a big Paige element in that episode, so what you saw play out onscreen was sort of half of that dynamic. The scene where Emily and Maya are talking on the stairs [in Season 2, Episode 20: “CTRL:A”], they had to rewrite that the night before to fill the space of the Maya/Paige confrontation. Paige was actually supposed to be in the scene at the school too, when Maya was there with her sign. But the scene on the stairs, there was a conversation that was so beautifully written, but we only got to see a portion of it. I'm not sure if they had to take it out for time reasons, or if they're taking the story in a different direction. There's so much going on all the time on the show, and the writers are so good at what they do, sometimes there's just too much good material.”

Next up, a cute/creepy scene between Maya and Emily that involves “A:”

“Here's a good tidbit: In the original season two episode when Maya returns, it's right around the time when Spencer had pawned Melissa's engagement ring. So, "A" bought it from the pawn shop, remember? And originally, "A" was supposed to have hidden it in Maya's dessert the night she met Emily for dinner when she returned, so Maya thinks that Emily is proposing to her. So, she's like, ‘Whoa! Oh, my God!’ And Emily doesn't know what to say, because you know how when someone gets a gift and they're totally beside themselves, you can't be like, ‘Whoops! That's not for you!’”

So, “A” still has the ring, and decided to plant it in Maya’s dessert? Since we know that Maya isn’t in the finale (and that “A” will be revealed in the finale) we guess we can cross Maya off of the “A” suspect list.

Source: After Ellen

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