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True Blood

True Blood Fan Fiction of the Week: ”The Wrong Kind Of Place”

With summer just around the corner, we can almost taste the juicy bloodbath that is True Blood! Sigh, so close, yet so far away ....

In the meantime, we've set our search engines to overdrive to bring you the best Truebie fan fic of all time!

Opalheart12's "The Wrong Kind of Place" is sure to tide you over until the summer. The story opens with Sookie, who returns from medical training in New York (just go with it) only to discover that Bon Temps has changed ....

Uh-oh Sook, looks like you should've checked Facebook before heading home to Louisiana!

I had to push back the tears in my eyes with such force it was unbelievable. I felt my heart shattering at the sight. I walked up to him. He had to at least know I was back. "Hi, Bill." I said, smiling falsely at him. I prayed he and his fiancée and or wife couldn't see the tears in my eyes. "Sookie?" he asked in complete and utter disbelief. The woman next to him, who I noticed was blonde and blue eyed, gave me a scathing look. "It's actually Casey now. I changed my name after I finished medical school up in New York. I'll be working the pediatric wing at Shreveport General now." I said smiling lightly. Once he got over the shock, he smiled back, although I noted that his smile was false, too. "Well, that's good to hear. This…this is my fiancée, Rachel Livingston." He said.

If this little morsel whets your appetite, check out the full story here. Paging Dr. Stackhouse — we need 50cc's of True Blood, STAT!


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