Vote Now! Which Show Has Hotter Vampires: True Blood or The Vampire Diaries?
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True Blood

Vote Now! Which Show Has Hotter Vampires: True Blood or The Vampire Diaries?

For all you guys practicing analogies for the SATs: Eric is to Damon as Stefan is to Bill.

Eric from True Blood and Damon from Vampire Diaries totally have that bad guy with a sensitive side thing going on. They’re sarcastic, violent, and in love with their vamp frenemy’s women.

More recently, Damon finally kissed Elena (and she totally kissed him back, ,no matter what she claims), and Eric had fairy sex all over the woods and in fantasy snow land with Sookie.

Stefan and Bill, on the other hand, used to be total pansies, but both have developed darker sides. OK, Stefan's gone almost all dark thanks to the evil machinations of Klaus, but he is and always will be a good vamp at heart.

Meanwhile, Bill became King, bought some tailored suits, hired a fleet of gun-wielding bodyguards, and started banging his great-great-great-grandaughter.

Still, when it comes to being emo, both of these boys get an A+. Bill can’t go five minutes without crying blood tears, and Stefan keeps an entire closet full of old journals.

(Maybe Bill will get inspired — we can totally see him scribbling, “Dear Diary, today I half-murdered my vampire mother-lover and then drained a hooker.”)

Damon and Stefan and Eric and Bill obviously have a lot in common, but when it comes down to it, who would you let suck your blood?

A couple of bros who love draining innocent teens, or a Civil War vet and a Viking King? It’s up to you!

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