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Will Kurt and Karofsky Ever Date? Max Adler Speaks!

Following last night’s nail-biting Karofsky (Max Adler) storyline in Season 3, Episode 14: “On My Way,” we’re crazyyy relieved that his Glee-life has been spared and he knows once more that he has a bright future ahead of him! (Note to Glee writers: That dream sequence of Karofsky’s future life? TEARS, sooo many tears. Bravo!)

Now, we have to wonder: What path might the budding pal-ship between he and his former tormentee, Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) take?

TVLine chatted with Karofsky’s real life counterpart, actor Max Adler, following the ep’s dramatic events, and he said he doesn’t think the show will take them in the direction all you Kurtofsky fans might be dreaming about…

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Asked if his understanding was that a relaysh between the two would NOT be happening, Max said, “That is my understanding. I think there’s been too much history between the two of them to just completely forget that and start a full-fledged romance. I think at this point, Karofsky is still dealing with his own struggles and his own identity and is not really stable or healthy enough to jump into a real relationship.”

And though conceivably if Karofsky’s storyline continues to develop after the seven-week hiatus, something could develop between the two – Adler still doesn’t think it’s in the cards.

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“I never thought Karofsky lusted after Kurt. I never saw it as sexual; I always saw it as a yearning for a genuine human connection,” Max explained. “[Karofsky] sees Kurt as a beacon of hope – somebody that can truly be who they are, say what they want to say, feel what they want to feel, and not really care what society has to say about it. Karofsky finds that so incredible and has such respect for Kurt. I think that’s what it’s been; I don’t think he imagines this life-long love with Kurt. I think there is a true friendship there. Kurt really is the guy that helps Karofsky see the light and brings him out of his darkness.”

In other words, Klaine fans, Karofsky doesn’t appear to be near as much of a threat to your ‘shipped duo as that newly-reformed Sebastian (Grant Gustin)… (Hadn’t thought about that yet?! Yeah, trouble.) But either way, we’re crossing our fingers that we continue to see the friendship – and Karofsky’s confidence! – grow in future eps!

Source: TVLine

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