American Idol Recap of Final Judgment, Part 2 From February 23, 2012: One Guy Is Coming Back!
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American Idol

American Idol Recap of Final Judgment, Part 2 From February 23, 2012: One Guy Is Coming Back!

It’s time for the final Final Judgment, straight from the Wynn in Las Vegas! Are we the only ones who are very, very ready for the performance shows to begin? But before we can start the live shows, we have to get the rest of the Top 24 in place, so let’s see how this goes, shall we?

Adam Brock: We left off with poor Adam hanging in the balance last night, and when we return to him, he’s crying and freaking out, which has us freaking out right along with him. “I have to sing,” he says. Well, and he’s going to get to sing, because Adam is in! Jeez, it’s a good thing, after we were feeling all those feelings!

Jeremy Rosado: Jeremy seems... okay. The judges are really into him, though, so maybe he translates better in person? They give him a huge standing ovation for his final solo and tell him they like how much he supports the other contestants. (Man, Simon Cowell would hate that.) Jeremy is in!

Shannon Magrane: Shannon struggled in the group round, but she redeemed herself with a couple of smokin’ hot solos, including an intense take on Kelly Clarkson’s “The Trouble With Love.” We like Shannon, and it looks like the judges do as well, because she’s in the Top 24!

Scott Dangerfield: Scott continues our trend of people having cool names this season. He’d been a contestant last year and Jen really loved him, but she says she hasn’t felt the same way this year. Rut-roh. Yep, that’s the end for Scott — this season, at least.

A few people we don’t know get cut. How much of a bummer must it be to get that close to the Top 24 and still barely appear on TV? Rough!

Skylar Laine: Country gal Skylar had some difficulties in Hollywood, and she says that her final audition wasn’t up to her standards. Plus, a couple of female country singers made it through last night. That might not bode well for her. Or we could be totally wrong, because hey, Skylar is in! I guess after last season’s McCreery-Alaina ticket, the producers want to give the country fans something to enjoy.

Hallie Day, Chase Likens, and Aaron Marcellous all get through in quick succession, but we don’t get to see any clips of them, so presumably they didn’t cry or do anything interesting.

Deandre Brackensick: Well, that’s a name and a half! Deandre has a pretty falsetto and a lion’s mane of curls and really nice blue eyes. He doesn’t really seem like a potential winner, but he might be kind of entertaining in a cheesy way. He gets a little weepy in front of the judges, but Jen says they would be “crazy people” not to put him through into the Top 24.

Jermaine Jones: “Mama’s boy” (he said it, we didn’t!) Jermaine has a really deep voice and arms like tree trunks, as well as a lot of emotions. He cries backstage while he waits to see the judges, and then he cries while he’s with the judges, and then we go to commercial. Boo. When we get back from the break, the judges tell Jermaine that he needs a little more work, and they send him home.

Hollie Cavanaugh, Ariel Sprague, and Shelby Tweten: These three are all fighting it out for the last spot. Well, okay, they’re not fighting, they’re just sitting, but that doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic. We see clips of all three girls, and for what it’s worth, we’re Team Hollie. (That may be at least partially due to her sequined skinny jeans from her final solo.) All three of the girls look like they’re going to die, aw. They’re all so young! And the one going to the Top 24 is... Hollie! Hooray!

David Leathers, Jr. and Eben Franckewitz: Um, but both of them should go through! Lame, Idol, lame! Eben is pretty Bieber-esque, so our money’s on him going through, but David is fantastic, too. They look adorably preppy sitting together in front of the judges — David’s rocking a little bowtie and Eben’s in an argyle sweater. They’re both so sweet, too! This is mean. Eben’s through! Poor David. He keeps his chin up, though, and gives Eben props.

But before the show ends, we have to find out what the “shocking twist” is that they’ve been promising. It turns out that the judges decide to add in one more guy. The four possibilities are Richie Law (they’d better not!), Jermaine Jones (meh), Johnny Keyser (dreamy sigh), and David Leathers, Jr. (most likely?). What do you think? Does this reek of The X Factor’s stunt with eventual winner Melanie Amaro, or what? And why can’t they bring back Lauren Gray? (We’ll stop whining about her soon. Probably.)

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s show! Who’s your favorite in the Top 24-soon-to-be-25?

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02.24.2012 / 10:32 AM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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