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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Nation Responds to the Hometown Dates: “The Fake Wedding Was Creepy” — Exclusive

We loved Meet the Parents because let’s face it: it’s something we can all relate to and is totally filled with laughter and drama. Well, there’s a MTP scenario that’s even better than the version with Robert DeNiro – Meet the Parents: Bachelor Style! Each season, the hometown dates serve as the most pivotal point when the relationships are no longer just about the couple. Hometowns put them to the test outside the romantic settings and leave them subject to the opinions of people who really matter.

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Ben Flajnik’s hometown date with Kacie Boguskie is proof the parents can make or break the relationship. As Smackdown host Jesse Csincsak (Winner, Bachelorette 4) put it, “Kacie B. being eliminated had nothing to do with her, it was her overbearing parents, very simple.” Elizabeth Kitt (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) agrees; “I think Kacie’s dad really scared Ben. Ben lost his own father, so I’m sure he’s not only looking for a wife, but an inviting family as well. I think Kacie’s dad could have been a little less harsh on Ben. I get that he’s trying to protect his daughter, but sometimes our family members can be a little too harsh.”

Jessie Sulidis (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) is also on the same page: “I think Kacie B.'s hometown date was a disaster and is the reason why she went home. I don't think Ben could see himself fit into their family and the strict rules the father held over them. I think some parents need to realize they can't control their adult children. They've raised them into the good people they are today, and they need to let go of the reins and let them make their own choices.”

We do love Kacie though and have no doubt she’ll find a great man! Good luck, Kacie! A hometown date that went much better was Lindzi Cox’s. As Richard Mathy (Bachelorette 4) put it, “Lindzi and Ben's date with horses felt like we were getting away from the drama of the show and back to the journey of finding love […] Lindzi's parents are warm and welcoming. They are the type of in-laws that you wouldn't be able to help but love.” Jesse is also a fan and thinks, “Lindzi is the whole package and he’s nuts not to pick her, even her parents rock!”

Elizabeth offers her approval too: “It looked like they had a lot of fun, and her parents seemed very inviting and friendly like her!” Jessie also likes Lindzi (and Nicki); “I liked both Nicki's and Lindzi's hometown dates. Even though I'm Canadian, I'm a country girl at heart. I love the simple lives they live. I love how down-to-earth each of the girls are and that they come from steady homes. Lindzi by far had the coolest family!”

Speaking of Nicki Sterling, “Nicki is my top pick,” says Rich. Heads up Nicki, he’s still single (FYI in case you go home next week). According to Elizabeth, on the other hand: “I don’t think he’s that into Nicki.” Jesse also doesn’t see the two of them together; “Nicki’s hometown date was cool, but I don’t see Ben in a cowboy hat, so that’s not gonna work!”

We were certainly shocked that Kacie B. was sent packing this week, but perhaps even more surprised to see Ben’s date with Courtney! “It was interesting to see Courtney Robertson away from the other girls. Finally she seems like normal girl,” according to Rich. “I thought the wedding was a bit creepy... then again I could just be pre-judging her based on prior bad acts. However, at the end of the date, she seemed natural and in love which was a nice moment.”

Jessie said, “I got a really creepy vibe with Courtney's family. I feel they're all heavily into themselves and can't quite pinpoint what creeps me out about them. Something isn't right! Courtney has been winning the game all season, though, and her mock wedding got her another point with Ben.”

Is her point lead over the other girls too much to overcome?

We’ll know soon enough…!

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02.24.2012 / 01:59 AM EDT by Tracy Goldenberg
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