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Bones’ TJ Thyne to Appear on The Finder Tonight

No, granted, it’s not the triumphant return of Bones per se (that’s not until early April), but we can offer a small consolation prize this evening. TJ Thyne (Hodgins) will be making a guest appearance on The Finder, everyone’s favorite (...well...because it’s the only) Bones spin-off.

So here’s the skinny: somehow Hodgins winds up with the task of finding “something that has landed somewhere on planet Earth that came from outer space.” Considering that this is not exactly a clearly marked treasure map we’ve got here, Hodgins decides to saunter on down to Miami and enlist the help of the one guy who can find anything: that’s right, The Finder. (Does this copy write itself or what?)

The problem? Hodgins might be an alien-chasing conspiracy-monger, but Walter (Geoff Stults), though a grand lover of conspiracies himself, is not so hot on the extraterrestrials thing. And Bones fans the world over should know that mixing Walter’s mocking cynicism and Hodgins’s fire-breathing self-assurance will be sort of like mixing potassium and water (see here, at around 1:50).

On the other hand, Walter in his paranoia can’t help but take Hodgins a little seriously, which naturally puts Hodgins “in Heaven.” After all, it’s not like the science-obsessed squints up in D.C. have much time or patience for alien hypotheses. But since Cam (Tamara Taylor)’s on vacation and the Jeffersonian is shut down for the week, Hodgins has decided to wave goodbye to all the naysayers and find a fella as crazy as he is to investigate some little green men. (See what we did there?)

So yes, this smidgen of Hodgins may be like a mere poorly written postcard from your far-off beloved... but we’re going to take what we can get. And when Bones steps off the plane, luggage in hand, in April, we’ll be all the happier to see, it!

Source: TV Line

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02.24.2012 / 03:19 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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