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The Bachelor

Nicki, Courtney, Kacie, or Lindzi: Who Is YOUR Bachelor 16 Bestie? (QUIZ)


Credit: Katherine Bomboy-Thornton/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

If you chose mostly A answers...

Congrats! Your BFF is Kacie Boguskie, the baton-twirler from Tennessee who likes to shoot guns and shoot her mouth off about Courtney Robertson. She has a jealous streak but she’s also America’s sweetheart which is awesome if you want a fun-loving gal pal who could do party tricks.

Credit: ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Ben Flajnik was down to four very different ladies on The Bachelor Season 16, until this week when he let fan favorite Kacie Boguskie go. Many of you did not agree with his decision to let the sweet Tennessee gal go, but his loss is... our gain? That's right, which one of Ben's final four would be the best match for YOU — as in, the gal who would most likely come to your viewing party with a bottle of wine and give you all the best dirt on what REALLY happened this season? Get a pen and paper (people still use those, right?) and take this quiz to find out.

Credit: Ron Koeberer/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

If you chose mostly B answers...

Congrats! Your BFF is Nicki Sterling, the Texas divorcee whom Ben declared “nicely bubbly.” Nicki likes to have fun and she’s been spotted dancing on bars, but she really just wants to get married again and have it last this time without the excitement fading away. Because of her experience with love and heartbreak, she could totally be your go-to for relationship advice.

1. How many tattoos should your BFF have?
A. 3
B. 1
C. 0, but she may get a Dumpsville tattoo
D. 0, but she likes to give fake tattoos to others

2. What unusual skill does your BFF have?
A. She can twirl a baton
B. She can clean your teeth
C. She can change a tire
D. She can befriend spiders

3. What kind of voice should your BFF have?
A. Tennessee twang
B. Texas twang
C. Husky, almost like she needs a lozenge
D. High and girlish, almost Marilyn Monroe-wannabe

4. What will you and your BFF do for fun?
A. Shoot guns
B. Dance on bars
C. Ride horses
D. Look in the mirror, roll eyes at boring girls

5. What background/trait is least upsetting to you?
A. Gets extremely jealous
B. Divorced after a short marriage
C. Allergic to the sun
D. Repeats cheesy catch-phrases

6. Does it matter if your BFF is liked with others?
A. Yes, she should be the most popular, #1 sweetheart
B. She should be "nicely bubbly" but not necessarily the favorite
C. I just want her to stay out of the drama and not talk trash
D. No way, who cares if she's not friends with boring little girls?

7. What is your BFF really looking for in a guy?
A. She wants love like her grandparents had
B. A love with a spark that lasts past the honeymoon phase
C. Just someone who will not send her to Dumpsville
D. A good-looking Hollywood type who won't disappoint her

Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

If you chose mostly C answers...

Congrats! Your BFF is Lindzi Cox, the horse whisperer with the throaty voice and odd allergy to the sun. (She hasn’t mentioned it on the show but in her ABC bio she said she’d bring a sombrero to a desert island ‘cause of her sun allergy.) She’s the kind of girl who prefers to stays out of the drama so you won’t catch her trash talking anyone — except maybe that ex who texted her to Dumpsville. But isn’t trash talking exes part of what makes a good girl’ship anyway?

Credit: Splash News    

If you chose mostly D answers...

Congrats! Your BFF is Courtney Robertson, the “winning” model with the Marilyn Monroe-ish sing-song voice who loooooves to mock the boring little girls who surround her. She’s used to traveling the world and hanging out with bold-faced names, but she’s looking for someone she can trust to not disappoint her in the end — and if it ain’t Ben, at least it can be you.

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