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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Paul Nassif Seeks Restraining Order Against Former Patient Due to Alleged Harassment

Remember the Nip/Tuck episode where a disgruntled (and rather creepy) patient set out to destroy Dr. Troy and Dr. McNamara’s practice after a botched surgery? Well, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills househusband Dr. Paul Nassif — a real-life plastic surgeon married to casino owner Adrienne Maloof — is living a similar nightmare, according to TMZ.

Reports state Adrienne Maloof’s adorably goofy hubby is being harassed by an unhappy former nose job patient, 25-year-old businessman Roman Melikov, and wants to obtain a restraining order.

According to what Melikov tells TMZ, after a routine surgery, his nose stayed swollen for two years. Disappointed or not, it doesn’t excuse Melikov’s bad behavior. According to Nassif’s police report, Melikov allegedly called his office several times, saying, "If I don't get to f*****g talk to Dr. Nassif, I will just show up and f*****g wait for him to talk to me because he needs to f*****g pay for this!" In one voicemail, Melikov referred to himself as a “psycho.”

Now, Nassif wants a restraining order to legally prevent Melikov from contacting him or his family. Evidently, the unhappy patient also said he’d approach Adrienne for assistance in getting his $26,000 back. We’re glad black-belt Ms. Maloof knows how to defend herself!

Source: TMZ

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