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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Poll: Do You Trust Lee LaBeque To Treat Faye Right?

Chance Harbor might be a small seaside village, but it's brimming with men of mystery. Take newcomer, Lee LaBeque (Grey Damon): When we first met this Secret Circle bad-boy, we wrote him off as a relatively harmless stud with a slightly pervy fetish for teenage witches. How wrong we were!

Lee might not be powerful, but he knows his way around dark magic and seems to be stealing Faye's (Phoebe Tonkin) witchy vibes. It's pretty obvious that Lee gave Faye that voodoo doll so he could tap into her powers and bring his comatose girlfriend, Eva, back to life – but then again, he might legitimately have feelings for Faye. Their kiss was so sweet and romantic!

Sigh, no one ever said being a stud was easy, but can we trust Lee to have Faye's best interests at heart, or will he dump her now that Eva's woken up from her cat-nap?