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Don’t Hate Us! 5 Reasons Glee Would Be Better Without Quinn

We must say that we love Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), and it would break our (at times ice-cold) hearts if she left Glee. But because we have so many great memories of Quinn, it disappoints us to see how she’s been used lately, to the point that we don’t really want “current Quinn” tarnishing our memory of “classic Quinn.” We’ve already come up with plenty of reasons why Glee is ruined without her. Now, in the interest of fairness, we thought it important to at least examine the other side.

So, here are the five reasons why Glee wouldn’t be greatly affected if Quinn — in her current state — were no longer around. Just try to read the article before you load the comments section with hate-filled diatribes, okay? (Once you’re read it, then you can write all the diatribes that your heart desires.)

5. Her only storyline this season kinda-sorta sucked.

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Quinn has had some amazing scenes and storylines, but she isn’t being used effectively anymore, and her only main contribution to this season — in trying to steal back Beth — was pretty ridiculous. We want Quinn to be more involved, but right now that isn’t the case, which takes away time from the storylines we do love. We’re thinking she’s the “wisdom teeth” of the show, in that no one would really notice that she’s not around (although sadly, her removal won’t end with us getting unlimited ice cream).

We used to look forward to what Quinn might do, since we’d never be quite sure how she’d react. Now, she reacts to everything in pretty much the same way, and that’s by thinking that she’s the wisest person in the room. She judges Kurt (Chris Colfer), she judges Finchel, and it’s getting annoying. A note to Quinn: Just because you got into Yale doesn’t make you smarter than everyone else. (A quick reminder: George W. Bush went to Yale, too. We rest our case.)

3. Quinn is single — but not ready to mingle. (Borrring!)

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Look, we’re not trying to say that all single people should die (because that would be a weird thing to say) or that everyone on this show needs to be in a relationship. But part of the joy is following our favorite couples, so a character who has actually said that she has no interest in falling in love in Lima is not necessarily wasted space but is not as much fun as someone who could start a relationship at any given moment. Let’s face it: We love our ‘ships!

Remember in Season 1 when Quinn was McKinley’s Queen Bitch and would hilariously butt heads with Rachel (Lea Michele) by giving her nicknames like “treasure trail”? Well, Quinn has since abdicated her throne to Santana (Naya Rivera), whose awesome-quotes-per-episode ratio is off the charts. We’re not saying Quinn needs to be uber-bitchy, but we’re just not sure what her identity is anymore. As for the nicknames, that’s definitely Santana’s forte, as her gems like “Lumps the Clown” would attest.

1. Dianna has the potential to be a star.

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Dianna Agron is such a rare talent that — while we selfishly would like her to stay on Glee and make amazing contributions to the show — perhaps it’s only fair that she find a show or film that really gives her the chance to shine. We don’t want her to be shoved into the background on Glee and not given many chances to sing when she could be giving a commanding lead performance somewhere else. We know, we know — it’s big of us to share the wealth with another show, but we’re just generous like that.

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