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Dr. Paul Nassif on the Most-Wanted Plastic Surgery Procedures for Awards Season – Exclusive

If this year's Red Carpets have proven anything, it’s that Hollywood’s most famous faces take awards season seriously. Nary a wrinkle, crease, furrow, or heavy jowl was spotted on any celebrity — male or female. But what exactly are they all having done in the days and weeks prior to their red-carpet arrivals? We asked Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dr. Paul Nassif, a well-known plastic surgeon in Tinseltown, to fill us in. And while he couldn’t divulge the identities of his own celebrity clientele, he sure seemed to know what he was talking about… leading us to believe we’ll be seeing a lot of his handiwork during this season’s biggest award shows. Here’s what he had to say:

Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s the most popular non-surgical procedure celebrity that patients ask for in anticipation of awards season?

Dr. Nassif: Facial fillers. And what’s great is there are so many new advances. In the past, celebrities had to come in a few weeks before a big event — like an awards show — to get their fillers done in case they had bruising. The sharp injection from the point of the needle would often cause discoloration and bruising. But these days, my celebrity clients can come in a few hours before an event because I’m now using a blunt cannula, which isn’t sharp and doesn’t cause bruising. What I’m able to do is make just one baby needle stick in each cheek and from those two baby needle sticks, I’m able to pass a small cannula through there to fill in the eyes, the cheeks, the nasal lines, the marionette lines, and the lips. I can now get to nearly every part of the face using just two needle sticks whereas in the past, it would have taken 30 or more. It’s really great.

So there’s really no bruising?

The blunt needle doesn’t pierce any blood vessels, it pushes through the skin gently, and you have no bruising. I’ve done a few hundred of these and there’s been no bruising whatsoever. So in terms of pre-awards season non-surgical enhancements, that’s probably the biggest one.

What about surgery? What’s the most requested procedure that’s done surgically?

On the surgical side, what a lot of the celebrities, especially those in their mid-to-late 40’s, are doing is coming in for mini-facelifts. Small incisions are made around the ears but they heal beautifully if they’re done right. A small lift really improves the neck, the jowls, and the marionette lines. And the best part is, no one looks vastly different. It just lifts everything up in a very natural-looking way.

What’s the healing process like?

Realistically, if you want to be safe for a big event like an awards show, you need to do it three weeks in advance.

Plenty of female celebrities claim they would “never” have work done. Are they lying? Does anyone in Hollywood really say no to surgery?

[Laughs] They’re rare, but they do exist! Some celebrities are just truly not into the idea. To compensate, they’ll invest a lot of money in excellent skin care regimens and come in to my office to pick up high-end products and to get facials and peels to keep their skin looking fresh.

What’s the biggest overhaul you’ve given a patient before a big event in their life?

The biggest would have to be a complete facial makeover. That means starting with the eyebrows, then doing an upper-eye lift, then something called fat repositioning in the lower-eye area, where I take extra fat and fill in that area so it doesn’t look hollow. After that, I do the middle part of the face called the mid-face where I do the cheeks and the jowls and then, finally, a neck lift. Basically, I’m doing everything. Then, when that’s finished, I’ll go back and do laser resurfacing to address the smaller wrinkles. You need at least a good month to do all that and look presentable again for a big event.

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