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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sheree Whitfield: “I Didn’t Throw Kandi Under the Bus” – Exclusive

No Housewives vacation is ever drama-free — and The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s cast trip to Africa was no exception.

Although it may have looked like Sheree Whitfield stirred up trouble last week between Kandi Burruss, who was with her in Africa, and Kim Zolciak, who was home in Atlanta, Sheree wants to set the record straight: That’s not exactly how things went down!

To recap: Kim claimed she didn’t go on the trip because she wanted to stay close to her newborn son, Kroy Jr. — but cast member Cynthia Bailey had her doubts. Following a visit to a local orphanage, Cynthia remarked that she couldn’t envision Kim holding African babies. Furthermore, she said she couldn’t picture Kim wanting to visit Africa at all.

Later that day, when the ladies called Kim to say hello, Sheree appeared to rat Kandi out, telling Kim it was actually Kandi who made the comment!

So, what really happened? “First of all, the conversation in the jeep was a lot longer than was shown,” Sheree exclusively tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “It went on for several minutes."

"Second, I stand corrected: Cynthia did make the initial comment about Kim, but Kandi immediately agreed with her. She said something along the lines of, ‘I agree. Actually, I don’t see Kim in Africa period.’ Only that wasn’t shown. No one watching at home realized that Kandi had agreed with Cynthia. Hopefully, they’ll air the entire conversation during the reunion.”

Sheree took more of an issue with Kandi for agreeing, than with Cynthia for making the initial comment.

"Cynthia and Kim aren’t close. There’s no loyalty there — they’re not friends," she explains. "But Kandi is supposed to be Kim’s friend — and I thought it was strange that she was agreeing with Cynthia on a sentiment that was basically insulting Kim and implying she could possibly be racist.”

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Sheree continues, “After the jeep ride, the producers asked us to call Kim, so we did. And yes, I told Kim what Kandi had said.”

While she was at it, why not mention Cynthia as well?

“Like I said, Cynthia and Kim aren’t close. Kim doesn’t expect Cynthia to have her back. But she considers Kandi a close friend. Again, Kandi did not make the initial comment, Cynthia did. But to me, it was bad that Kandi agreed and chimed in with her own comments.”

"Kim was thankful that I mentioned it,” Sheree explains. “She knows I’m not messy person. But I do believe in loyalty. Most real friends would appreciate that.”

After the incident, Sheree admits things were tense between Kandi and herself, but "we're fine now."

"You’ll see that in the next episode. At the end of the day, I believe in friendship, I believe in loyalty. If you say something, you need to own it," she says.

" I told Kim about the incident while Kandi was standing right there next to me — so I wasn’t throwing anyone under the bus. I just strongly believe that if you say something behind someone’s back, you should be able to say it to their face.”

We couldn’t agree more!