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The Lying Game

Lying Game Spoilers: Alice Greczyn Teases a Big Finale Cliffhanger! Exclusive

As ABC Family's The Lying Game gets closer to its season finale, it’s time for fans to pick a team. While Emma Becker (Alexandra Chando) and Thayer Rybak (Christian Alexander) seem to have no problem thinking Thayer’s father Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar) could be guilty of murdering Derek, Mads (Alice Greczyn) is not letting her father go down for the crime without a fight.

But who is right? The last episode seemed to show some condemning evidence against the district attorney, but as pro TV watchers, we know better than to give in to such easy clues.

We ran into Alice at the Secret Room pre-Oscars lounge, where we decided to conduct our own (friendly) interrogation, and get to the bottom of who’s telling the truth.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We’re smack in the middle of a murder mystery. What can we expect from the rest of the season?

Alice Greczyn: The rest of the season pretty much revolves around that. The finale will reveal answers to the murder, and [the episode] is called “Unholy Matrimony.” There's a lot going on with the adult relationships, and I think that's mainly what the finale’s about. For me, I stay the same. I'm like, “How could you think those things about Dad?” And Thayer's like, “How could you not think these things about Dad?” So that's what my whole storyline is this season.

Mads, obviously, is trying to solve the murder and prove her dad isn't the murderer?

Right. She thinks her dad is innocent. So she has his back, and she'll die fighting for that if she has to.

Does that mean that there will be conflict between her and Thayer?

There already is. No more than what there already is. It's just tense right now.

What about Mads and Sutton and Emma? Eventually, I assume all three of them are going to end up in a room.

Probably. That has not happened yet. I have not worked with Alex and Nikki who plays her double. I have yet to work with Nikki, but I’ve had scenes with both Emma and Sutton. So it would be interesting to get all three girls in a room together.

She confronted Sutton in the last episode. What should we expect between Mads and the twins?

I don't think Mads has any more scenes with Sutton after that. Even things with Emma are a little tense since Emma's trying to prove my dad guilty. So Mads feel very alone right now. I start getting closer with Ryan, the love interest, because he's the only one that isn't saying bad things about my dad. Everyone else is. So even with Emma, things are a little bit tense. But I like her more than Sutton.

What would you want Season 2 to tackle?

Season 2, I would like for Mads to have a little bit more of a storyline outside of her dad. That's what I would like personally. Scenes where she gets to be a little bit more strong. I'd like to see a little bit more variety for myself.

What about the Season 1 finale? Will we get closure? Will there be a cliffhanger?

There's a cliffhanger. I feel like there's closure to certain storylines that have been playing out all season, but it definitely clearly sets a tone for Season 2 which is just more scandal and drama and mystery. The finale will make that very clear. And hopefully, we'll get a second season. We're still waiting to hear on that. It looks likely, but nothing's for sure.

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