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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Dr. Paul Nassif: Targeted for Extortion Plot?

News broke last week that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills househusband and plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Paul Nassif, who is married to Adrienne Maloof, was seeking a restraining order against an irate former patient who was harrassing him — but now, new details have emerged that paint Dr. Paul as the target of an attempted extortion plot. Gulp!

According to TMZ, the doc settled with his former patient, Roman Melikov, last year after Roman expressed displeasure with a nose job; Paul paid Roman $3,000 to stop harrassing Paul and his family. But after the two had already settled, Roman threatened Paul with "negative reviews" unless the doctor refunded $26,000 for the entirety of the procedure or invested $400,000 with Roman's investment management firm. Yeah, this sounds like extortion to us.

Dr. Paul instead threatened to sue Roman for defamation, which Roman claimed would be pointless, since he has no assets.

We guess being an in-demand plastic surgeon has its vicissitudes!

Source: TMZ