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Best Castle Quotes From Season 4, Episode 17: “Once Upon a Crime”

Last night’s all-new Castle, Season 4, Episode 17: “Once Upon a Crime,” was chock-full of goodies: a twisted fairy-tale killer, an accidental murder that had been covered up for years, and Castle and Beckett holding hands — all of which provided perfect fodder for some awesome wisecracks.

Let’s be real: After all they’ve been through, the 12th precinct knows that the best way to handle the chaos is with a dollop of good humor.

Check out the top quotable moments from Castle Season 4, Episode 17 “Once Upon a Crime.”

1. Castle: I feel like my whole life is being invaded.
Beckett: You’ll get used to it. I did.


2. Castle (to Beckett): You get cute when you get angry … not when you get angry with me.

Sadly, this happens more often than not.

3. Beckett: So what, you're Prince Charming now?
Castle: If the shoe fits.

As if she didn’t know.

4. Castle: I wrote 20 best sellers in here. And I’d like to write another … NOW.

Castle does subtlety.

5 Castle: She’s Little Red Hiding Hood.
Beckett: Great, Castle. I’ll call in an APB for the Big Bad Wolf.


6. Espo: Turns out that our victim really was Red Riding Hood.
Beckett: Are you drinking Castle’s Kool Aid now?

We hear it’s pretty good.

7. Leslie, victim’s sister: I know Amy’s closet. This was not hers. I mean, even her sweatpants were Prada.

What a legacy.

8. Beckett: There was only one recent report of an animal loose in the park. A beagle. Named Fred.

And the plot thickens.

9. Beckett: Castle, that is a surprisingly reasonable and grounded theory.
Castle: Yeah. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in myself.
Esposito: We all are, bro.

Stick to what you know.

10. Castle: Ah, it’s too bad you don’t have an acting studio to do this kind of thing in. Oh wait! You do!

Sarcasm at its finest.

11. Beckett: You said it yourself, Castle. Everyone deserves a fairytale. What’s so wrong with letting your mother have one of her own?
Castle: OK. Let’s change the subject to something less likely to give me an ulcer. How about that mysterious $50,605?

Solving murder is one thing, but his family? That’s another story.

12. Beckett: Oh! So you don’t like it when someone writes their own version of your life? Interesting.

Oh, when the tables are turned …

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