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Cutest Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 17: “Once Upon a Crime”

How do we love thee, Caskett? Let us count the ways — literally.

Last night’s Castle, Season 4, Episode 17: “Once Upon a Crime,” included a few choice moments between the cutie crime writer and his marvelous muse. Our two decked-out victims weren’t so lucky, but at least Castle and Beckett had a happy ending! (And no, not that kind. Yet.)

Take a gander at the best Caskett moments from Season 4, Episode 17, “Once Upon a Crime” below:

4. “I’ll Protect You From the Big Bad Wolf”

One thing we learned from this episode: Castle is far more afraid of his own family than anything else. Tackling robbers? No biggie. Tracking down serial killers? No prob. Confronting his mommy issues? Terrifying!

So, when Castle is all nervous and agitated about attending his mother’s one-woman-play, Beckett tells him — true-to-form — that she’ll protect him from the Big Bad Wolf. Weird? Yes. Cute? You betcha!

3. “You’re Cute When You Get Angry”

Beckett and Castle get frustrated when they realize their killer has really “covered all their bases.” Beckett admits it’s definitely rubbing her the wrong way that she can’t crack the case, to which Castle replies: “I know. You’re cute when you’re angry.” Swoon!

2. Make a Date of It

Martha really invades Castle’s life when she goes behind his back and invites Beckett to her reading without his knowledge. “I've invited Beckett. You might want to make a date out of it,” she says. But the best part? They actually do. So, um, does that make things official?

1. Castle and Beckett Hold Hands!

As Martha’s play is coming to a close, she reveals that her “greatest role” was being Castle’s mother. Castle almost starts to tear up — but Martha cuts him down, continuing: “If only he had embraced the role of the son” with the same fervor. Welp, there goes that moment.

But all is not lost! As promised, Castle has his adorable partner there to comfort him from "The Big Bad Wolf." Beckett lightly places her hand on his right before the screen goes black.

And they lived happily ever after? We can only hope!

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