Malika Haqq’s Married Ex-Boyfriend Adrian Wilson Alleges Khloe and Lamar Scenes Are “Lies”
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Malika Haqq’s Married Ex-Boyfriend Adrian Wilson Alleges Khloe and Lamar Scenes Are “Lies”

Last night on Khloe and Lamar Season 2, Episode 2, “Rock-a-Bye Lam Lam,” lucky (or maybe not-so-lucky) viewers were introduced to Khloe Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq’s studly – and married – boyfriend, Arizona Cardinals forward Adrian Wilson.

Besties Khloe and Malika talked openly about the twosome’s budding relationship, as well as the fact that Adrian has both a wife and three lovely children. Judging by the girls candid convos, it was no secret to anyone that Malika and Adrian were an item, or that he wasn’t completely divorced from his wife. Dude even came out to dinner – on camera – as Malika’s date. And when Khloe grilled him on his marriage and kids? He nonchalantly answered her questions, saying he didn’t feel “uncomfortable” in the slightest. Adrian even cracked a shy smile when Khloe called Malika and Adrian “lovebirds.”

But after the episode hit small screens, Adrian sure changed his tune. We’ve been following the 32-year-old strong safety on Twitter for a grip, and ever since last night’s episode exposed him as Malika’s boy toy, he’s been tweeting up a storm and insinuating that last night’s storyline was fake!

“@Mrs_Wilson24 is the only women in my life period. Everybody else can eat shit.”

“@Mrs_Wilson24 and I are together like white on rice.... Your fooling yourself. Get a life and stay outta mine.”

“Lies Lies Lies Lies..... At what point did fighting for your family become a TV episode.”

“I want to say Thankyou to all the positive tweets @Mrs_Wilson24 and I have received. It's nice to know people still believe in LOVE.”

Mrs._Wilson24 herself even chimed in: “Here we go with the bs that is old for 1 & for 2 there is a such thing as cut, copy & edit! Might wanna go listen to drake ‘only on-camera’”

Say wha? As far as we know, Malika and Adrian’s relationship went on for a few good months, and we don’t know why Adrian would agree to be on-camera with her if it wasn’t at least semi-serious. Plus, the duo were photographed gettin’ cozy at Chateau Nightclub in Vegas in October. And about six moths ago, Malika even tweeted a pic of herself stocking Adrian’s bathroom shelves with her girly products with the hashtag “#markingmyterritory.”

Still, Adrian’s anti-Malika tweets seem to start all the way back in October as well, and span the few months the two were allegedly seeing each other, so we’re really not sure what gives. Take, for example, this gem of a tweet from Jan. 30 that is obviously directed at Miss M:

“@Mrs_Wilson24 has always been the heart of me. So in saying that.... All you fucking people who try and break that up... GO KILL URSEL”

Sigh. That’s really no way to talk about a lady – or mistress. Whatev.

So, whatthaheck do you think is going on here, Kardashian fans? Was the footage only edited to look like Malika and Adrian were lovers, or is Adrian just embarrassed now that his web of lies is coming undone in front of millions of reality TV viewers? We think we’re gonna go with the latter.

It's possible we haven't seen the last of Mr. Adrian Wilson; on her radio show, Khloe says "some real soap opera sh*t" goes down between Malika and Adrian, adding, "Once people see these episodes, and see how shady and gross this guy is." The ever-protective Khlo says Adrian "should be ashamed of himself."

Source: Twitter, Baller Alert, yfrog

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02.28.2012 / 05:28 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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