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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Top 6 Bethenny Ever After Quotes From Season 3, Episode 2: “You Are the Deadliest Snatch”

Sassy skinny girl Bethenny Frankel is back with her biting one-liners and hilarious sayings. Here’s our countdown of the top 10 quotes from Bethenny Ever After Season 3, Episode 2: “Alias Benjamin Frankelin"

6. Bethenny: [to Jason] Going to Barcelona with a bunch of guys is a little homosexual.

This isn’t going to do anything to quell those rumors about your hubby, B.

5. Connie, Bethenny’s friend: I ordered the deadliest catch
Bethenny: I’m ordering the deadliest snatch
Lauren, Bethenny’s friend: You are the deadliest snatch.

Touche, Lauren.

4. Bethenny’s friend: You can’t have just one kid.
Bethenny: What does that mean, it’s like a Lays potato chip?

You know what they say, once you pop, the fun don’t stop!

3. Waiter: The oyster is plump, balanced, clean and juicy. It’s very good.
Bethenny: Like my wazu.

If you say so...

2. Bartender, to Bethenny: Are you Benjamin Franklin?
Bethenny: Bethenny Frankel, Benjamin Franklin. You could see how someone would get the two mixed up, it’s a very common mistake.

And the resemblance is just uncanny.

1. Bethenny [about Nick’s reaction to her eyebrow threading]: You would have thought I was holding anal beads, being spanked in a porno.

To be fair, it doesn’t look like Nick shaves much of anything, so this probably was just as shocking for him.

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