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The Bachelor

Ben Flajnik’s Overnight Dates Blog: For the First Time, I Truly Felt in Love With Lindzi Cox

Ben Flajnik does a lot of gushing about Lindzi Cox in his blog on The Bachelor Season 16 overnight dates. A lot of gushing. Are we being led a false trail to believe he picked Lindzi over Courtney Robertson? Or did he pick Lindzi over Courtney? Does he walk away alone, realizing this is all too crazy and his true soul mate is either Chris Harrison or Constantine Tzortzis? (The love of the Team Red Dragon twins cannot be denied.)

Here are highlights from Ben’s Episode 9 blog.

Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Lindzi surprises Ben: “I know it's hard for her and that she likes to go for the joke before the serious moment. Sometimes it's great to be with someone who is so playful and light-hearted, but I also want to be married to someone who I can have serious discussions with and will tell me how she really feels. The last few weeks, Lindzi has been doing that. For the first time, I truly felt in love with this woman and was really looking forward to dinner to see if she was feeling the same way. Dinner was amazing! The fact that we got very gentrified in gowns and bowties made it even more fun. Again, Lindzi surprised me with her openness and honesty, and I began to feel more for her in that moment than I ever had before. Our feelings for each other are real and genuine.”

Courtney worries Ben: Ben was worried about Courtney’s past with the women and how she handled the aftermath. “I felt like she deflected any of the blame, and it was starting to really bother me that she didn't see her role in any of the drama amongst the women. I understand why she wanted to wait until later to discuss it so we could enjoy the beautiful countryside of Wengen, Switzerland, during the day, but I was eager to talk this out. Even with the small amount of heavy talk, we managed to enjoy ourselves during the day. The dinner conversation we had was exactly what I needed to hear. I was really relieved to hear Courtney admit that she could have tried harder to get along with the women. I know they were sometimes mean to her, too, but I needed to hear her say that she could have done things much differently and may have gotten much better results. I have tried this entire journey to be patient and more forgiving. Courtney was worth the patience and I was happy to feel like she turned a big corner.”

Note: Early in the season, Ben said one of the things he learned through this “process” was patience. It sounds like that may have been associated with Courtney.

Kacie surprises Ben — in a different way than Lindzi: How did Ben feel about Kacie B.’s random return? “Seeing Kacie again brought up so many feelings, and then hearing her warn me about Courtney's insincerity again brought everything to a head. I had just laid most of my concerns with Courtney to rest, and then it was like everything we had worked toward was swept away again. I went into the rose ceremony incredibly confused about the big picture and had to just follow my heart when I handed out the roses.”

So his heart is still with Courtney and Lindzi, even if his head probably told him Nicki was a good, practical fit. The heart wants what the heart wants!

Source: People

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