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Decoding Castle and Beckett’s Best Innuendos From Castle Season 4, Episode 17: “Once Upon a Crime”

Sources say 93 percent of communication is non-verbal, and so far, Castle Season 4 has been a total testament to that.

It’s what Beckett, Castle, and the rest of the 12th precinct and their cronies haven’t said to each other that’s really piqued our interest. We blame it on that L-bomb at Season 3’s end, but whatever the real reason, Castle and Beckett have had a hard time saying what they truly feel this season.

Never fear, though! We’ve been trained to read between the lines, and we’re here to decode Caskett’s cryptic relations. So, without further adieu, here are the best Caskett moments from Season 4, Episode 17, “Once Upon a Crime” decoded:

What: Side Smile

When: When Esposito discovers the victim was indeed sporting a Red Riding Hood cape, Beckett wants to know why the woman was wearing the outfit. “On her way to Grandma’s house?” Castle jokes. And what was that? We totally caught Beckett smiling!

What It Really Means: Instead of chiding him, Beckett’s finally coming to terms with Castle’s outlandish theories. In fact, we think she (finally) thinks they’re kinda cute.

What: Happy Endings

When: While discussing the fact that his mother is essentially rewriting history with her play, Beckett tells Castle everybody deserves a happy ending — even the ever-dramatic Mama Martha.

What It Really Means: Everybody, Beckett? It’s so obvious she thinks Castle is her happy ending. Now, if only she’d get to making it happen sooner rather than later.

What: A-Muse-Ing Conversation

When: With Alexis interning for Lanie and Mama Martha ransacking his writing lair, Castle tells Beckett he feels like his life is being invaded. Beckett responds with “You’ll get used to it. I did.”

What It Really Means: Anybody else notice that now that Beckett knows she’s not Castle’s first muse, she seems to be bringing up the fact that she is his muse a whole lot more? We think it’s hitting her — hard — that she wants to be more than that. You know. Eventually.

What: Secrets Are Like Time Bombs

When: Castle and Beckett watch alleged killer Darren and his wife Leslie engage in a heart-wrenching screaming match as Darren’s being (wrongfully) arrested for the two fairytale murders.

“All because of a terrible secret,” Beckett muses. “Secrets are like time bombs,” Castle says. “Eventually they explode,” Beckett finishes, before the twosome share a moment of silent contemplation.

What It Really Means: Castle and Beckett are clearly thinking about the secrets they’re keeping from each other. Foreshadowing at its finest. We all know it’s only a matter of time until one or both of their secrets blows up in their faces.

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