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Teen Mom

Did Chelsea Houska Cheat on Adam Lind With His Best Friend?

Chelsea Houska and her baby daddy, Adam Lind, have some pretty serious trust issues in their relationship — most of which stem from their serial cheating!

Adam slept with one of Chelsea's besties while they were broken up, and she hooked up with his friend from high school in return — twice!

So what's with all this heartbreak?

"We always just try to hurt each other," Chelsea explained to Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 reunion special.

"Like when he goes with other girls. We both do it to try to make the other one mad."

"I'm just insecure, and so it hurts my feelings that he'd want another girl," Chelsea continues. "Or like, I wasn't good enough."

Hold up! Are Chelsea's abundant assets really not enough for Adam?

"She is good enough, but that's not the reason," Adam explains. "She hasn't cheated — but when we're apart. It's the people that she goes after. Close friends .... I talked to her about it, we were good. And then it happened again, same guy .... He's a piece of sh*t."

Wow, with all this cheating going on, let's hope Chelsea and Adam use condoms when they're together. (Spoiler Alert: They don't!)

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