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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Marlo Hampton Explains Her Numerous Arrests

Since joining Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta as a friend of the housewives, Marlo Hampton’s image has taken quite a hit.

Between her various arrests, her use of an anti-gay slur, and her constant need to flaunt designer labels, it’s no surprise that Marlo has rubbed most people the wrong way.

However, Marlo insists there is much more to her than what viewers see on the show, and she wants to start revamping her image by explaining her lengthy arrest record.

Marlo spoke with Sister 2 Sister magazine about her criminal past, claiming everything has been blown out of proportion.

“It’s important for people to know I was on house arrest," she said. "Four of those [arrests] were probation violations and not new charges.”

“While I was in college, that’s when I got into altercations and that was a felony charge. I was just mad at the world,” Marlo offered as a reason for her transgressions.

Marlo also wanted to clarify another charge for a bounced check. She explained, “I wasn’t the best in math. I misbalanced my check for the books I was buying. It was one check for me just being in college writing a check for one book. They blew that so out of proportion.”

One thing about RHoA that really caught Marlo off-guard was the so-called hypocrisy from some of the other ladies.

“I was surprised that they were focusing on my arrests: Phaedra [Parks] with her husband [Apollo Nida, who spent time in jail] and Sheree [Whitfield] has had her mix-up with the law,” she said.

“I was shocked about Kim [Zolciak] and the way she was talking about a Big Poppa when she dated a married man.”

While Marlo’s situation is pretty different from that of her co-stars, she does bring up an interesting point. We’re just glad she’s finally coming clean about her past!

Source: Sister 2 Sister