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Revenge Spoilers: Will Emily and Nolan Ever Get Together? Creator Mike Kelley Tells All

If you're a fan of Emily/Nolan on Revenge, we've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that Revenge mastermind Mike Kelley loves their interaction. The bad news? He categorically states that the partners in crime will never (ever) kiss.

"The fact that people want them to kiss weirds me out because they are never going to kiss," he tells E! Online. "No, I think of them as brother and sister and no more."

There's better news on the horizon for Emily/Jack 'shippers, though. Jack will become embroiled in Tyler Barrol's murder case — his fingerprints are found all over the body and "he's pretty screwed," according to Kelley. But he'll have a smart, scheming ally in Emily.

"Don't worry. He'll have Emily on his side. You'll want Emily on your side when you're screwed," he teases.

Teaming up will bring the childhood sweethearts closer together, especially now that at least one obstacle has been removed.

"The reason that we exited Amanda is in service of the triangle," Kelley reveals.

We don't think we've ever liked Amanda more!

Source: E! Online

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