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The Bachelor

Top 5 Moments From Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor Season 16 Overnight Dates Episode (VIDEOS)

Hey, remember on The Bachelor Season 16 premiere when Jenna Burke was complaining to Kacie Boguskie about Monica Spannbauer — and Kacie put up her hands and laughed “I’m Switzerland”? Ha. Funny, since Kacie B. showed up in Switzerland on Episode 9 and did NOT stay neutral. At all. She took a side. Then took a random nap in the hallway to relax. (Side: gross!) Were you into Ben Flajnik’s overnight dates or did you find them a Swiss miss? Need a reminder of what happened? Here are five of the top moments:

1. Hit the hot tubs!

Bachelorette Jillian Harris may have to give up her nickname of “Hot Tub Harris.” Except it sounds good and there’s no equivalent for Ben Flajnik. Anyway, he had three hot tub makeout sessions during the overnight dates — one with each of his finalists — including a bath with Courtney Robertson in what looked like a tiny barrel. "This is hands down the smallest hot tub I've ever been in in my life,” Ben said, adding a little sing-song, “and I'm not complaining."

2. Terrifying heights and even more terrifying analogies

When The Bachelor and his dates run out of things to talk about, they stare at the scenery and add voice-overs with nauseatingly bad relationship analogies. While in a helicopter with Nicki Sterling, Ben said they were taking their relationship to new heights, while staying grounded. Relationships can be a “wild ride,” Ben added as they flew over a glacier. Lindzi Cox compared rappelling with Ben to jumping into a relationship and trusting that the other person will be there. Please. It makes us long for more conversations about how the women in the house hated each other. On that note...

3. Courtney is wicked sorry, yo

So much of this episode was about Courtney telling Ben and the cameras how sorry she was for making herself look bad on TV lashing out at the other women as a defense mechanism. She said she could’ve handled things better. She wished she hadn’t made things harder for Ben. She didn’t want Ben to think she was fake or think he didn’t know her. Ben accepted her apology, and just like that, all was good. (Until next week — spoiler warning!)

4. Kacie shows up

Then Kacie knocked on Ben’s door like the Angel of Death, initially under the guise of wanting to know why he dumped her … as if she wasn’t there when her parents held a “STOP” sign in front of Ben’s face. She quickly segued into her favorite topic — Courtney bashing, telling Ben she thought Courtney would end up breaking Ben’s heart. The “other fish in the sea” comment Courtney made really rubbed Kacie the wrong way and led her to believe Courtney was only there to win. Kacie probably said a lot more about Courtney and it all left Ben confused and upset. And it left Kacie upset for her own reasons, leading her to lie down in the middle of the hotel room floor. She’s fragile, our Kacie.

5. Nicki checks out

Nicki was very confident about her connection with Ben, but Kacie was too. It’s the kiss of death to declare you are sure about what will happen. Ben had a decent talk with Nicki when he dumped her, which suggests she won’t be coming back for more “closure,” a la Kacie. Ben was open about his doubts and the fact that he cried that day. Nicki cried herself on her way out, saying she hoped Ben was making the right decision. She didn’t want to see him get hurt. Does she think Ben would get hurt if he picked Lindzi, or is all of that meant to be about Courtney?

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