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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

What Disease Does Slade Smiley’s Son From Real Housewives of Orange County Have?

Real Housewives of Orange County’s explosive Season 7 promo shows 80s-garb-sporting firecracker Gretchen Rossi blowing up at co-star Vicki Gunvalson, but there’s a lot more behind the short clip than meets the eye.

In an interview with BPlot blog, Gretchen said the verbal blowout spawned from comments Vicki made that Gretchen doesn’t know anything about dealing with sick people. Vicki hears upsetting news about daughter Briana Wolfsmith’s serious health problems this season.

So why did Gretchen fly off the handle? Because she does have experience with sick relatives. Not only did Gretchen’s fiancé, Jeffrey Beitzel, pass away from leukemia in 2008, her current boyfriend, Slade Smiley, has an ill son. Eleven-year-old Grayson battles a neurological disease, diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma, everyday.

As for Grayson himself, it turns out he’s one amazing little dude. In fact, he’s so amazing that the little dude has his own website to prove it: Grayson’s mother, Michelle Arroyo, runs the site. According to the site, DFA’s main symptom is a very rare type of brain tumor. The brave little guy has already beat statistics: Only 46 percent of patients survive the tumor past 4.7 years.

One more impressive fact about the little guy? He was in an episode of Glee. Pretty amazing, Gray!

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