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Real Housewives of Atlanta

What You DIDN’T See on the RHOA Trip to Africa: Why Did Phaedra Parks Almost Leave? – Exclusive!

There was no shortage of drama when the Real Housewives of Atlanta (minus Kim Zolciak) traveled to Africa for this season’s cast trip. But Wetpaint Entertainment has exclusively learned about one major blow-up that didn’t end up airing.

A show insider gave us the scoop about what went down — and why we’ll probably never see it!

“At one point, Phaedra packed her bags and threatened to leave,” the insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “She was fuming.”

What on earth could have gotten the ladylike lawyer so angry? “It happened one night when the women were sitting around,” the insider reveals.

“They started to play this little game — it was NeNe and Marlo’s idea. They went around in a circle and each woman had to answer the following question honestly: ‘If your husband or significant other was cheating, would you want to know about it?’”

“Everyone said yes, they WOULD want to know about it — except Phaedra. She didn’t answer right away. She took her time and then finally answered, 'No.' She said she wouldn’t want to know. After she said it, everyone else started giving each other looks.”

“Phaedra took huge offense to the game. She thought NeNe and Marlo were trying to imply Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, was cheating — and they made up the game to single her out and make her uncomfortable. Right after the game was over, she stormed up to her room.”

“She was steaming mad,” the insider goes on to reveal. “She packed her bags and said she was leaving on the next flight out. The producers pleaded with her to stay. Phaedra said the only way she would stay is if they promised NEVER to run the footage of the game. Eventually, they agreed, which is why viewers at home haven’t seen any of this.”

Too bad we won’t — sounds like it would have made for a juicy scene!