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Teen Mom

Corey Simms on Leah Messer’s Cheating: ”I’ve Been Depressed For Freaking Forever”

Last season we saw Leah Messer's marriage to Corey Simms crash and burn after she came clean about cheating on him just one week before their wedding. Will Corey ever be able to forgive her?

"The reason why we got rocky before the wedding is because she was texting Robbie before all this stuff," Corey explained to Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

"I come home, and it's awkward because she's got feelings for Robbie that she's trying to decide."

Clearly, Corey is still hurt from Leah's betrayal — but can he get over it? "I really don't think so," Corey said tearfully.

"I mean, you're married for three months and you just find out your wife screwed somebody a week before the wedding?"

"I could risk it, but what's gonna happen if it happens again?" Corey explained as Leah declared her undying love for him. "I've been depressed for freaking forever. It hurts, I don't know what to do."

Excuse us while we go sob into a camouflage pillow. Memories!

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