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Did Satoshi Takeda Kill Amanda on Revenge?

All of our questions about that fateful night on the beach were answered tonight in one of the most gripping Revenge episodes yet. Well, almost all of them.

Just as we predicted, it wasn't pretty boy Grayson who killed Tyler Barrol, but our international man of murder, Mr. Satoshi Takeda.

Not only did Satoshi shoot Tyler twice in the back after hitting Daniel over the head with a rock (you'd think he'd have fancier weaponry, right?), but he also enlisted Nolan to loop the security tapes so no one would find out the truth.

We also learn that Emily is officially on Mr. Takeda's sh*t list for not heeding his warning to bury her father's secrets. It's debatable whether or not she lacks discipline (this girl speaks like 15 languages and has a black belt in ninja), but we do agree that her web of deception is beginning to spiral out of control.

Nothing like getting your butt kicked by your own sensei to keep you in check, right?

Luckily, Mr. Takeda has "taken care of" the others, so Emily doesn't have to worry about being exposed (yet). And by the others, he's referring to Amanda, who we last saw bumming a ride from Mr. Takeda.

Traditionally, the phrase "taken care of" means the person's been offed, but we don't believe Amanda has joined Tyler in the land of the recently deceased. So, the question remains: What exactly did Mr. Takeda do to Amanda? You tell us!

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03.1.2012 / 11:08 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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