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Revenge Recap of Season 1, Episode 16: “Scandal”

If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit!

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Bathed in soft spotlights, our favorite cast of villains is interrogated film-noir style as the episode we’ve been waiting for finally arrives. Like members of the Corleone family, each character refuses to accuse Daniel of a crime that has literally covered him in blood.

Victoria tries to pin the blame on the corpse himself, announcing Tyler was all trouble. Well, we all know that Vicky, but it doesn’t clear your precious boy’s name.

Tyler is dead and Daniel appears to have blacked out — so who else can we ask? We know for sure that Amanda, Jack, Declan, and Charlotte were on the beach that night. The Hamptons' Asian man of mystery, Takeda, couldn’t have been too far away because he was able to rush to Amanda’s rescue when Jack’s car wouldn’t start.

All bets are off and Emily’s once very controlled world has turned into one filled with suspicion and blame. She’s not even sure what Tyler has told Daniel, and if she can trust him or if she should be skipping town.

She takes Daniel home and does her best to uncover what he really remembers from that night. Though he doesn’t tell her, we see Daniel flashback to Tyler handing him Emily’s X-covered, evidence-packed photograph of the members of Grayson Global she has it out for.

Exhibit A

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Somehow photos of Daniel in his tie-dyed tux have surfaced on the Internet, and the chat rooms are buzzing.

Subtlety not being young Daniel’s strong suit, he bluntly suggests Emily take Sammy for a walk when they get home, as if that 900-year-old lab can still move.

Our girl keeps her cool and shows as much surprise as her impassive face can offer when she finds Daniel rummaging in her floorboards. Daniel admits that Tyler told him Emily was hiding secrets there. She’s able to smooth this over with the traditional Tyler-is-crazy-why-would-you-believe-him-over-me excuse.

With everyone devoting so much time to proving Tyler’s insanity, we’re starting to think that he was one of the only sane ones on the show.

Cut to Jack’s apartment, where Declan is waiting for him in the dark like a wife wanting to know where her husband has been all night. Jack is evasive, but it’s clear Declan knows he was the one on the beach. Could it be because Jack stole his favorite neutral-colored hoodie? You could have asked first, bro!

The Graysons are working with their lawyer trying to clear Daniel’s name, but the whole case is bringing back painful memories for Conrad and Victoria — you know, the couple that got away with laundering money to terrorists and now have a comfortable summer mansion in The Hamptons.

After a visit from Jack, Emily goes to Nolan’s to find out why her childhood sweetheart is still in town. They see the footage of Amanda returning and Jack rushing after her, and now the manhunt is on to find the “homicidal stripper version of Whac-A-Mole” who continues to pop up when she’s least wanted.

Declan catches Charlotte raiding the medicine cabinet again and confronts the prescription pill-popping princess. Angst-ridden and therapist-less (come on, Grandpa. All the billionaires’ kids have one!), Charlotte is in no mood to stop her self-destructive ways, and Declan has bigger fish to fry.

Stand By Your Man

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

As The Hamptons Police Department hammers on her door, Emily vows to stick by Daniel’s side as they arrest and take him away. The Graysons' lawyer believes Daniel will be tried for first-degree murder and compels the boy to spill his guts … about spilling Tyler’s.

Daniel finally admits that there was a struggle between him and Tyler. He claims to have shot Tyler in the chest when he lunged at him. Danny Boy said Tyler struck him in the side of the head. But wait, that doesn’t add up. Tyler was shot a total of three times — once in the chest and twice in the back — and Daniel sustained a severe injury in the back of the head.

With more paparazzi than a Lindsay Lohan rehab release date, the Graysons attempt to exit police headquarters as Ashley handles the press. Man, her duties as party planner have really been altered. Be sure to read the fine print on your contract, Ash!

Jack runs across Amanda’s jacket in the back of his car and in addition to a childhood picture of him, he finds the wire that Emily sent Tyler for the bribe money.

In one of the episode's more shocking moments, Victoria Grayson seems to show genuine emotion.

She comes over to give Emily an engagement present, telling her not to open it until the case has resolved itself. With desperate tears in her eyes, she tells Emily that she’d understand if she backed out of the engagement, but begs her to consider how that would reflect on Daniel’s innocence. Emily reassures Victoria telling her that the thought had never crossed her mind to leave her betrothed.

Charlotte turns to the only woman in The Hamptons who seemingly knew her birth father well — Victoria. She wants to know more about their relationship in light of Daniel’s case, and her my-Daddy-helped-terrorists-and-I-just-found-out issues. Victoria promises to tell Charlotte another time (yeah, right).

Emily informs the Graysons' lawyer about their shady past with paying off judges for Daniel. Though outraged by this admission at first, Victoria later agrees that her lawyer knowing is for the best. The group finds out that the security tapes at the party were set on a loop, which could make it look like Daniel tampered with the cameras himself to cover his tracks.

Emily, however, knows the real truth. You really can’t trust anyone in this twisted tale, not even tech-savvy Nolan. It seems Emily’s blond bestie has been working for Takeda this whole time. While he’s not exactly on an opposing team, Emily knows her former sensei is currently not her biggest fan.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Cracked-out Charlotte pays a visit to her future sister-in-law/secret half sister looking for answers on David and Amanda Clarke. It’s painful to watch the two half-siblings sitting next to each other with one not knowing it. And won’t sharing a sibling ruin Daniel and Emily’s relationship (hello, Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl!)?

Meanwhile, Charlotte’s boy toy Declan confronts Jack and vows to protect him from the storm ahead. Item No. 1 on the list? Ditch the blood-stained hoodie.

The Graysons' lawyer asks Ashley what she thinks happened, and Tyler’s former flame says she thinks that Daniel did it and will get away with murder. But it is clear that morals and standards are beyond this meddlesome assistant, as she plans on using her new role in the Graysons' case to further her career.

Upstairs, Victoria reflects on just how care-free the past month has been making the shocking revelation that, “Jail is no place for a boy like Daniel.”

Really? The boy who drives Italian sports cars and has a different tux for each day of the week like the underwear?

But it doesn’t look like the Graysons' money is getting them anywhere this time. Taking their income into account, the judge denies Daniel bail and requires him to stay at Rikers Island Correctional Facility for the remainder of the trail. But will there be room service?

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

As Emily’s ominous voice came in, we looked at our clocks to find that only four minutes remained in the show — insert panic attack.

The show doesn’t come back until April! We wanted answers tonight!

And we got them.

Cut to 48 hours earlier: Emily runs back to the house after the police capture Daniel and is attacked by Takeda. Pissed that she didn’t keep the evidence buried, he roughs her up a bit before telling her what really happened at the Fire & Ice party.

Takeda saw the whole fight between Tyler and Daniel go down. And after Daniel shot Tyler in the chest, Takeda knocked Daniel out with a rock to the back of the head. He then pocketed the incriminating Grayson Global photograph and shot the pleading Tyler in the back twice.

Though he is no longer on her side, Takeda has cleaned up Emily’s mess for the time being. She is left to throw a temper tantrum in the house before the show cuts to credits.

Wow! We couldn’t have asked for a better way for the show to leave us mid-season. What do you think? Satisfactory stopping point? Comment below!

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