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16 & Pregnant’s Whitney Purvis: Where Is She Now?

Whitney Purvis was featured in MTV’s very first season of 16 and Pregnant — and she was one of only two ladies who wasn’t chosen to be on Teen Mom!

Last time we checked in on Whit, she was living in Rome, Georgia with her boyfriend, Weston, her mom (who was also preggo!), and her “Meemaw.”

Whitney gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Weston Owen Gosa, and quickly found out that he had a genetic disorder which affects the liver.

At the end of her episode, Whitney and The Westons moved out of her mom’s house into their very own place.

Shortly after her episode aired on July 9, 2009, Whitney wrote a blog for MTV and dished that “Since taping wrapped, things have been really good. We moved, we're getting a car soon and I'll be starting college this year! Unfortunately, I cant seem to find a job, but other than that life has been great!”

Since writing her blog almost three years ago, a lot has changed. As of October 2010, Whitney was still living with Weston and they were planning to get hitched. To top it off, she had a pregnancy scare and almost welcomed another baber into the fold.

Since then, Whitney and her guys moved into Weston’s parent’s house because Meemaw was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Despite her grandma’s health problems, Whitney received her GED and started school for nursing. Unfortunately, her mom was arrested in summer 2011 for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana!

In March 2011, Whitney gave an interview with ABC to complain about how MTV treated her during filming. She was reportedly paid a mere $5,000 for appearing on the show, and said that “They want you to argue ... they want you to talk about each other, they want you to get where you want to break up with each other to go stay at separate places ... [and] I just didn't like that at all."

At the time of the interview, Whitney was working hard at a local pizza joint and living happily with Weston, but as of November 2011, she and her man had broken up.

“[He] was gone all the time,” Whitney said. “He wouldn't come home until 3am in the morning....I was home with the baby and he was nowhere to be found.”

So did Weston cheat? No way. “You know when someone is cheating on you. He was just out with his friends all the time getting messed up ... I don't want that around my kid,” she said.

No news on what Whit’s up to in 2012, but we’re sure she’ll be in the gossip mags before too long!


Whitney was arrested on March 1 on charges of shoplifting a pregnancy test from Wal-mart.

Looking at Weston Owen's Facebook fan page, it seems that the two broke up sometime last year, there are pics of Whitney and her "new boyfriend."

Could Whitney be preggo by her new boyfriend? The results of the test she took at Wal-mart are unknown at this time.

Whitney spoke out about her arrest, saying, "Sometimes it takes hittin' rockbottom."

Source: E! / MTV / Daily Mail / ABC

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