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Chris Colfer’s New Movie Character: Is He Anything Like Glee’s Kurt? Struck By Lightning Director Speaks!

By now you’ve watched the teaser trailer for Chris Colfer’s (Kurt) big-screen and screenwriting debut, Struck by Lightning – and if you’re like us, you’ve watched it mullltiple times. Though the film still has no release date or distributor, the wheels are in motion and word is spreading, and director Brian Dannelly recently chatted with the blog Seattle Gay Scene about the experience of making the film and all about that wonderful fella we love so much, Mr. Colfer!

In the film, Chris plays Carson Phillips, a young high school kid who plans to get into the college of his dreams by recruiting his fellow students to work on a lit magazine… by blackmailing them. The film starts at the story’s end, with Carson’s death via lightning – title makin’ sense now? – already having taken place and setting the scene for a wacky ride through the hallways of high school…

It isn’t typical, in other words, but Dannelly says that’s what drew him to wanting to direct the project. “Most high school movies are written by people who have long since graduated and Chris’ take felt honest and relevant,” he said. “Because Chris’ character isn’t your standard teen archetype, I knew it would be a tough film to get made and I honestly thought I could do right by Chris and the material and help get his vision on screen.”

One part of that vision was getting the right actors to sign on, and Dannelly said the process was made much easier by the goodwill that his star has amassed. “I think actors have a real love for Chris Colfer and really wanted to support him on his first film.”

“Chris was extremely generous and open during the entire process,” he continued. “He genuinely trusted me as a director and it was a very humbling experience. I can tell you, I was way too insecure at his age to be as kind and gracious as he was to me and everyone else involved. He really is a good human being and incredibly grounded and focused.”

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And as for his acting skills? Dannelly says Chris is just as great in the role as he is every week as our dear Kurt Hummel – despite the fact that the man himself is not, for the record, like either of the parts he’s playing. “Chris really isn’t like either of those characters. He truly is acting when he plays these roles,” he told SGS. “Chris was very sure of his performance as Carson and very conscious of this character being very different from Kurt. He was even into not hiding his pimples – which is very rare for an actor. It was always exciting to work with him on set.”

Talent, grace and charm to spare! That’s the Chris we know and love!!!

You can read more about the film and its cast and crew in the full interview, here.

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Source: Seattle Gay Scene

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