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Emily Destroys Her Secret Box on Revenge: Is She Giving Up on Her Plan?

As we saw on last night's Revenge, Emily Thorne lost her temper and destroyed her father's box of secrets.

In a short flashback scene, we see Emily go back her house after finding out that Tyler was the dead body on the beach.

First, she'd dug up her box from the beach (no doubt to make sure the police don't find it), then rushed back to put it beneath the floorboards.

Satoshi Takeda confronts her and clues her in to what really happened that night: Tyler was starting to tell Daniel that his fiance was a fraud; Daniel shot Tyler once in the chest; then Takeda hit Daniel on the back of the head with a rock and shot Tyler twice in the back.

He informs her that "the other boy you have feelings for" — Jack — was also at the scene of the crime. "You cannot save them both," he intones.

In a fit of anger and confusion, Emily takes her precious box and smashes it on the ground. It breaks and all her bits of evidence come tumbilng out.

Later, when Daniel snoops around the floorboards, he comes across a box ... but this one has tools in it.

So, here is Emily's box? If it's broken for good, where will she keep her stash of secrets?

Could she be giving up on her revengenda?

"When you stare ahead and darkness is all you see, only reason and determination can pull you back from the abyss," Emily says in voice-over.

What do you think: Is Emily giving up on revenge?

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03.2.2012 / 12:32 AM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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