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How Did Catelynn Lowell Find Out She Was Pregnant? Highlights of Teen Moms on The Rosie Show! (VIDEO)

A few of our favorite teen mommies recently hit up The Rosie Show — and let's just say it was inspirational.

Chelsea Houska and her pops showed up to chat about Adam, but Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were the episode's main event, and as usual they were completely adorable (and dressed in matching outfits, to boot).

Check out some highlights from the show!

Catelynn explains how she found out she was pregnant: "I didn't wanna disappoint anybody, because of me being so young. My mom was at the hospital with me because I thought I had the flu. And so she took me to the doctor, and the doctor was like, 'Oh yeah you're pregnant.' I felt really bad. Disappointed in myself because they were so disappointed with me."

Tyler chats about his mom's sixth sense: "My ma, she knew! She knew before we knew. Catelynn walked in my house a month before and smelled potatoes and got nauseous, and my mom was like, 'She's pregnant.'"

Why Catelynn doesn't regret adoption: "We get pictures and stuff, and we get little updates, and that's something that's really rewarding for us, because we see how happy she is."

Why didn't Catelynn use birth control: "I think it's just the teen mindset to be thinking you're invincible, nothing is going to happen to you. It might happen to everyone else, but it's not going to happen to me. And that's kind of how I thought."

Chelsea explains why she started dating Adam: "Back then I was immature. A lot of my friends were dating jerks and stuff. I guess I didn't see how serious it was and how big of a deal it was until there was a child involved."

Chelsea explains her reaction to Adam's bad attitude: "Instead of getting angry with him, I would take it personally and feel more insecure about myself. He would go off of things he knew I was insecure about. He knew I was already insecure about it and then he'd say that was the reason he didn't want to be with me. So then it would just make me feel even worse."

Source: The Rosie Show

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