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How Many Castle Execs Do You Follow on Twitter?

TV Guide just posted a list of the Top 20 showrunners to Follow on Twitter, and Castle’s own mastermind, creator/producer Andrew W. Marlowe, landed near the top. But of course!

We’d be hard-pressed not to agree. In fact, we dedicate a significant part of our day to following the musings of most of Castle’s behind-the-curtains geniuses. Marlowe, in particular, is known to tweet lil’ nuggets of behind the scenes goodness — from written tidbits to sneak peek pics — that fans love.

But Mr. Marlowe isn’t the only Castle pro with a penchant for social media. Oh, no! Marlowe’s wifey/fellow writer, Terri Miller, is also on Twitter, and the twosome often tweet at each other — and not always just about Castle.

Not only that, but Castle writers (@WillBeall), costume designers (@RedCarpetLuke), and even the entire Art Department (@CastleArtDept) have also been known to tweet it up.

And of course, that’s not even counting all the Castle stars who use — or sometimes, abuse — Twitter. (We’re looking at you, Nathan Fillion!)

So, we got curious. We already know we’re obsessed, but what about the average Castle fangirl (or guy)? Who do you follow from the show on Twitter? Let us know in the poll below!

And for those of you interested, check out Wetpaint Entertainment’s list of Castle cast you can follow on Twitter, as well as CastleTV’s extensive guide to all the Castle peeps who tweet.

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03.2.2012 / 12:37 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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