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Jersey Shore

How Much Is Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Worth?

Pauly D is a successful DJ, a guido superstar, and now he’s getting his very own Jersey Shore spin-off. But how much is Pauly actually worth? Let’s break down the numbers.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Pauly is currently worth $3.5 million, but we think that number could be even higher.

In April of 2011, Life & Style reported that Pauly was pulling in “at least $500,000 a month” with DJ gigs (Pauly has multiple “DJ-in-residence” contracts around the country), his Jersey Shore wages, and endorsement deals. If Pauly made $500k for every month of 2011 he would be sitting on a cool $6 million.

Pauly and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast reportedly raked in $100,000 per episode for Season 4 and 5 (each season has 12 episodes, so that adds up to $240,000 per castmember for roughly 4-6 months worth of work). The chunk of Pauly’s paycheck that was reported on Life & Style would be coming in from DJ gigs (where he makes $40,000 per night), endorsement deals, and public appearances.

However, the salary reported last year doesn’t even factor in Pauly’s spin-off salary (which could be equal to his Shore wages), his touring contract with Britney Spears, or the record deal he signed with 50 Cent. At this point, Pauly could have made at least $6 million in 2011.

It isn’t unheard of for Jersey Shore stars to be making serious bank. Back in 2010, The Situation reportedly earned $5 million. And this was back before the real Jersey Shore craziness happened in 2011, where every star has a perfume line or tanning lotion deal and big brands like Wheat Thins are paying the cast to hawk their products.

Jersey Shore airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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