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Grey's Anatomy

Top 5 Grossest Surgeries on Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 (So Far)

Every season of Grey’s Anatomy has its fair share of disgusting surgeries. But Season 8 may have showcased the most original so far. We went back over this season’s most gruesome, nausea-inducing, and strangest operations at Seattle Grace-Mercy West to round up the Top 5.

1) Episode 10: “Suddenly”
In the midseason premiere, we knew we were in for major drama — Henry just died and Teddy (Kim Raver) didn’t even know yet! — but we were not prepared for the major trauma in store. One of the survivors of the highway accident Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers) got into was a little girl — with a shard of glass stuck in her eye. Mark’s girlfriend Julia expertly (and graphically) removed it successfully.

2) Episode 15: “Have You Seen Me Lately?”
A man’s hand gets stuck in a meat grinder, so he and his buddies bring him — and the meat grinder — to SG-MW. Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Meredith have to fight against the clock to first, remove the hand, and second, reattach his loose fingers. Well, and one toe.

3) Episode 2: “She’s Gone"
We don’t know about you, but surgery on kids always freaks us out. So in this episode, when a boy has to undergo not one but two serious surgeries, both our hearts and our stomachs heaved. Alex had to treat him for his compartment syndrome with a bilateral fasciotomy, which meant slicing each of the kid’s arms, before cutting some kind of cord that frankly was so gross-looking that we’d rather not know the term for it.

4) Episode 5: “Love, Loss, and Legacy”
Why is it that all surgeries involving a penis are so highly coveted at Seattle Grace-Mercy West? In this episode, patient Ryan is a cancer survivor who unfortunately lost his member in the process. He wants a new one, so Mark (Eric Dane), Jackson (Jesse Williams), and eventually April (Sarah Drew) scrub in. April suddenly gets distracted mid-surgery, and accidentally inches her medical vacuum over Ryan’s dorsal vein, sucking in the whole thing. Ack!

5) Episode 9: “Dark Was the Night”
This episode was all about Henry’s death, but the secondary plot involved a gross medical mistake made by Jackson during his surgery with Callie. The loose screw! Something about a small, rusty, and sharp everyday object being “left inside” someone is horrifying.

Tell us which ones we overlooked!

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