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Top 5 WTF Moments From Revenge Season 1, Episode 16: ”Scandal”

Episode 16 of Revenge, "Scandal," was deliciously satisfying in so many ways, but there were a few moments that left us scratching our heads and rewinding our DVRs.

Read on to see our picks for the biggest WTF moments and comment below if you have any other suggestions!

1. Emily’s Superhuman Speed

OK, we know our girl is quick, thinks on her feet, and handles her sh*t, but when reflecting on the final scene of last night’s episode, some things just didn’t add up.

In the show’s previous episode, “Chaos,” we see Emily burying her Infinity Box in the sand after Takeda returns it to her as an engagement present.

Then, Tyler gets shot on the beach and the main party guests rush to the crime scene, including Emily. In “Scandal” we learn Emily made a “quick” trip home to make it look like Tyler had broken in to steal her gun and to fetch her beau some sweats. But when she comes in the house she is holding the Infinity Box (yes, it’s true, ABC has confirmed it).

How did she have time to dig up the box when there were party guests and police swarming the beach? Wouldn’t someone have noticed one of the party’s honored guests digging through the sand in her designer dress?

And after Takeda confronts Emily at home, she throws her Infinity Box to the ground in a moment of passion (more on this later). How does she have time to clean up the mess left by her brief freak-out? And grab Daniel a change of clothes? And slick back her hair? Is Emily secretly a superhero? Vampire? Or did the show just fudge the time frame a bit?

2. Emily’s Willingness to Destroy her Infinity Box

All season we’ve been wondering why our favorite mistress of mystery likes to keep a box of incriminating clues lying about. Clearly, the personal connection to her father keeps Emily from destroying the box. So why would she smash it into the floor?

Was it a moment of passion or a calculated move to make it look like the apartment had been ransacked by Tyler? The contents of the box were nowhere to be found early the next morning when Daniel went looking under the floorboards for answers. In fact, there was no sign from the scenes we saw that Emily’s home had even been trashed.

Daniel was looking through a box of regular household items, and we didn’t see any of the clues from the Infinity Box. So what happened to the box and its contents? Would Emily have gotten rid of her father’s precious heirloom? We think not! But then where could it be?!

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

3. Daniel Gets Sent to Rikers Island Correctional Facility

It seems that good looks and a giant wad of cash don’t account for squat with Daniel’s judge. She refuses him bail and then sends him straight to Rikers Island Correctional Facility.

We know he’s up for first-degree murder, but come on judge, we know the innocent pretty boy didn’t do it! Hamptons royalty is not meant to be locked up with everyday street thugs! This sentence seems a bit drastic.

4. Jack’s Devotion to Amanda

We know you guys had a thing when Amanda was in grade school, but come on, it’s been 17 years, and it’s not like she’s been waiting for you all this time.

It’s clear that the fake Amanda has been cozying up to any suitor with a pulse, while Jack has wasted his youth pining for the girl who left him with an aging Labrador Retriever.

Amanda’s renewed presence in his life hasn’t quite left him living the dream either. She has skipped town numerous times without a clue as to her whereabouts. Is that really what Jack Porter is looking for in a co-bartender/Haitian school builder?

We’re not buying it.

5. Sammy’s Ability to Go on a Walk

Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) was ripped from her home as a young child leaving behind the good times and a puppy named Sammy. Seventeen years later, Sammy is miraculously still alive, down to play, and in desperate need of a vigorous walk.

Is that even possible? Technically yes, the oldest recorded dog was 26, but we don’t think Sammy would be up and moving about quite so soon. Maybe Sammy’s death will be a turning point for Emily? She could cremate him and place his ashes in her Infinity Box. Just a suggestion, E.

What were your biggest WTF moments of the night from Revenge? Comment below!

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