Was The Unit Actually Arrested for Drug Possession on Jersey Shore?
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Jersey Shore

Was The Unit Actually Arrested for Drug Possession on Jersey Shore?

The Situation’s friend The Unit was arrested by the Seaside police on Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 9: “The Truth Will Set You Free” for what The Sitch claimed was “being drunk,” but could the big arrest actually have been linked to drugs?

Last summer, The Unit was infamously arrested outside the Seaside Heights house for drug possession (he was allegedly carrying Special K) while the cast was filming. When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to The Unit earlier this year, he owned up to his drug arrest but claimed that he didn’t really know how MTV was going to portray the bust on the show.

The situation (no pun intended) is a tricky one for MTV. On the one hand, the arrest of a shady character makes for some good drama, but they also don’t want the cast of one of their most successful shows to be connected to drugs in any way shape or form. No one from the cast was arrested for drugs, but the mere fact that one of the cast member’s best friends was arrested outside of the Shore house could be trouble for the network.

Either way, unless The Unit was arrested twice while in Seaside (and let’s be honest: that isn’t outside of the realm of possibilities) the arrest that took place on this week’s episode looked a lot more dramatic than a run-of-the-mill public intoxication bust. There were multiple police cars lining up to cart The Unit away, and The Situation looked genuinely worried for his friend. Something tells us that The Sitch wouldn’t act this concerned if his buddy was just sleeping off his buzz in the local drunk tank.

Regardless of what was said on this week’s episode, The Unit was formally indicted on drug charges on December 3, 2011 and is currently awaiting trial.

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