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Gossip Girl

5 Things to Look Forward to When Gossip Girl Season 5 Returns

We’ve got a brutal 5-week wait until Gossip Girl returns on April 2, and we’re already suffering from withdrawal. After all, Monday’s ep left us with sooo many questions: What’s next for Blair (Leighton Meester) and the man who now has her heart? How will Chuck (Ed Westwick) respond to the news that his awful uncle saved his life? Will anyone put a stop to crazy Ivy (Kaylee DeFer) and the madness of this inheritance business?

To pass the time, we’ve compiled a list of the five things we expect to go down in the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite when Gossip Girl makes its triumphant return.

Dair struggle with their, er, intimacy issues
Though Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair’s kisses have been magical, and the flirtation has been holdin’ steady for months (maybe even years), there’s trouble between the sheets for the Upper East Side’s newest couple. But knowing how close they’ve become and how brutally honest Blair is, we’re hoping they can work it out. After all the time it’s taken them to actually get together, they’d better!

Chuck and Jack team up
Jack (Desmond Harrington) is heading back into town for an unknown numbers of eps, and we’re told that he’ll be on “good terms” with his heart-achin’ nephew, Chuck. According to executive producer Joshua Safran, their continuing story is “fun,” with Jack helping Chuck to uncover secrets. Might they be of the Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) persuasion? Based on the fact that those two ne’er-do-wells appear to be in cahoots, we’ve got our money on yes.

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Inheritance squabbles and a van der Woodsen media circus
Photos from the Gossip Girl set this week show Serena (Blake Lively) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) holding a press briefing on the streets of NYC. Since news of CeCe’s (Caroline Lagerfelt) death is likely to have already made the front page of the papers, we’re guessing this newsworthy moment has to do with the fallout of said death — like the fact that a con artist is getting all of her money? The battle over CeCe’s inheritance is long from over, and for a family as rich and powerful as the van der Woodsens, it may mean a spotlight on their every move.

Baby daddy drama
When Carol’s (Sheila Kelley) big payday turned into Ivy’s, the former heiress got desperate. We don’t know if she was serious when she told William van der Woodsen (Billy Baldwin) that he’s
Lola’s (Ella Rae Peck) dad, or if it was just a bluff. Either way, we’re pretty sure we’ll find out. Lola seems hell-bent on figuring out all that she can after the latest kerfuffle with her conniving mom, and she’s looking to get intel from William. Plus, Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) heard the big secret. We all know that girl doesn’t miss an opportunity to cause destruction.

The arrival of that laptop
Now that the excitement of playing Gossip Girl has gotten old for Georgina, she’s headed to Monaco to get Blair out of her marriage. (We can’t even begin to speculate on how she’s going to manage that.) Since she’d hate for the UES to be blast-free, she’s left her laptop in the hands of that media maven on the rise, Serena! This could create a serious conflict for poor S — just weeks ago she was calling for GG’s head on a platter, but she might change her tune when she has all those secrets and that power in reach. We’re dying to know what choice she’ll make and when the actual Gossip Girl might re-emerge…

Sigh... so many questions, so many weeks to wait!

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