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The Bachelor

Kacie Boguskie NOT Surprised If Ben and Courtney Broke Up (If He Chose Her) — Part 2 of Exit Interview!

In part 1 of her exit interview, fan favorite Kacie Boguskie talked about why she doesn’t think she and Bachelor Ben Flajnik would have lasted, even if he hadn’t have sent her home. But there’s still so much more to talk about. Find out Kacie’s thoughts on Ben and Courtney Robertson — plus, what are her thoughts on the potential of being a future Bachelorette?

You were always the fan’s favorite. Would you ever consider becoming the Bachelorette?
It depends on where I am in my life and you know if my family would be on board because it's a group decision at that point. You know they have to be a part of it as well.

How do you feel just in general about your own behavior watching back the whole season from start to finish?
I think that my behavior is portrayed just the way that I am in real life. I am exactly the same way on TV that I am in person and so I was very pleased. Of course there were times that I said things that I wish I hadn't but I think that anybody when they hit that wall of frustration, they might lash out. And you know those were the things I wish I could take back, but I can't and, unfortunately, had to watch them again. But other than that, you know, I feel like I was very respectful.

What surprised you most watching the show about Courtney? Obviously there were things that you saw her do that you might not have been privy to. So, what was the most surprising thing, if you could use one word to describe her behavior through the show, what would it be?
I would say manipulative. Because the way that she acted around us. I'm not sure who she manipulated anymore — if it was us or him. But I feel like at some point she was manipulating somebody.

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And was there a scene that you maybe weren't involved in that you watched, watching it back that you kind of was like what, what is she doing?
Oh, when she went skinny dipping. I mean are you kidding me? My jaw dropped. I was like, where was I? I was asleep in bed.

There has been a report that things are actually already over between Ben and the bachelorette he picked at the end. If that's true, what's your reaction to that and would that surprise you?
I haven't heard anything like that. But if it was, I think that this has been hard to watch I think for everybody. And it would pose a lot of questions, I think, for Ben towards Courtney and so it might make things very hard for them work through, so. It would be hard for me as a person to watch that and not have a lot of questions. So it wouldn't surprise me.

What was your family's reaction when you got home? Like, were they disappointed in Ben and how did their opinion of him change, if at all, from while you were on the show and since they've been watching the season unfold from home on TV and being able to see his relationships with all the other women?
Initially, whenever I got home, my parents really liked Ben. I mean at my hometown, they do, they like him as a person, you know. And I think watching the show they just, they have seen different sides of him, but they still respect him and they think he is a great guy and they do want the best for him and they want him to be happy.

You seem extremely surprised about your elimination. So [who] did you think was going to be sent home instead of you? Like what was going through your mind as he was about to hand out that last rose?
Well... going into it I definitely didn't think I was going home. But I didn't know how the other hometown dates had gone so I had no clue of who could possibly be going home. But when it got down to Nicki [Sterling] and I and only one rose, I was, I thought that it was going to be me and that Nicki would be going home, and I have the utmost respect for Nicki in the world and I think she is one of the best people out there. And I was shocked though that it was me.

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When Chris Harrison sat down with Ben after you returned to the show, he asked if he wanted to allow you to join the other girls for the rose ceremony. In other words, give you a second chance. What was your reaction when you found that out and how did it make you feel when Ben actually chose to decline that offer?... [D]id it actually make you hurt even a little more?
No. After watching that, I understand that I didn't go back expecting him to want me back because there is a lot that happened, especially in the short amount of time. It's hard I guess to play catch up, if you want to call it that. And so unless his feelings were very strong, I wouldn't expect him to say yes. It would have been awesome if he did. And when he said no it was just a little more closure knowing that, you know, he really didn't see this and I don't want to be with somebody who just doesn't hands down want to be with me.

So just a hypothetical situation, what would you have done if Ben decided to ask you to return to the competition? It’s easy to assume you might have said yes because you were clearly in love with him, but had Ben hurt you too much at that point to truly recover and be able to get back into a healthy relationship with him?
No, I mean clearly I was still in love with him. It had only been three days. You can't fall out of love that quickly, unfortunately. But I would have said yes because I think him choosing to keep me over somebody else and, you know … he would send people home right away, you know, like in the middle of the day, he was eh, “this wasn't working,” he wasn’t afraid to send them home. And so, if he had asked me to stay it would have, I think, signified to me that maybe I was the one and I probably wouldn't have worried about being sent home after that.

Have you moved on since the show or are you still in the process of getting over Ben and what happened? Are you still single or dating anyone now?
I am still single. And you know I think watching it has been very therapeutic in helping me over it. But I mean I am in a great place right now and I am ready to see who I meet next and so, yes, I'm doing great.

Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Emily said she would have been happy if Ben had chose Courtney because she felt that he and Courtney maybe deserved each other. Do you agree with that sentiment?
I don't think that I like the word deserve. … At the end of the day I just want him to be happy and ultimately, Courtney is a human being. I want her to be happy too. So if they are a great couple who are we to judge how they work and who they are, you know? I mean everybody — there is somebody out there for everybody, I believe. And so if they're meant to be together, then I think that they should be together.

If there is a guy from any other Bachelorette season you would date who would it be?
That's a lot of seasons. No, not right now. … I've met a few of them and they're all great guys. I mean people on the show are so awesome and amazing that, you know, I can see why it works out where people find other people from other seasons.

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