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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Finale Spoilers: The Murderer Is Revealed and Alec Is Protecting Someone

The Lying Game’s first season is drawing to a close, and everyone wants to know one thing: Will Emma (Alexandra Chando) and Ethan (Blair Redford) patch things up? Well, get your heads out of the clouds, shippers! There are bigger fish to fry in Phoenix. If you recall, someone’s been murdered, and two middle-ageds are about to get hitched. The deliciously devilish Adrian Pasdar spoke with ABC Family about what we can expect from the finale and what the Rybak is going on with Alec and Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter).

So, what’s the deal with Alec’s lightning-fast acceptance of Rebecca’s proposal? “I think there is something behind his accepting it so quickly that we will come to find out in the follow-up to the finale,” says Pasdar. However, he doesn’t think it’s all a calculated move on Alec’s part; there are some genuine feelings on the sinister dad’s part. “I think for a guy in his position it may be a combination of both… I don’t think it’s one or the other. I think it’s both. I think he really admires/loves her/needs her. Slash.”

Aw, someone has melted Alec’s icy heart — but Pasdar swears Mads’ dad isn’t all bad. “I think it’s always a little more interesting when it’s not just good or bad; when there is liquidity to the morality… When it suits the show, he’s reprehensible in his behavior at times. But I think ultimately we’re going to find out that it’s not all as bad as you think. There is a great deal of protecting going on. Although, for who, I can’t say. I’m not at liberty.” There has been speculation that Derek (Ben Elliott) was actually killed by Alec’s son Thayer (Christian Alexander), which would definitely fit in with Alec’s protective vibe.

According to Hollywood Life, we’ll definitely find out who killed Alec’s lackey in the season finale, but Pasdar says we might not see a wedding. “I’m sure they’ll try and go through with it. I’m sure somebody is going to try and stop it. I’m sure that it’s not going to go off as planned. It’s not going to end like a normal wedding, let’s say.”

As for one more big mystery — what went down between Rebecca, Alec, and Ted Mercer (Andy Buckley) — Pasdar says that’s already been revealed: “This series has such a collective team of writers that they’ve really let it go. The secret is already out there. It’s been told three times. I can’t tell you which episode, but the truth has come out three times in the last ten episodes about who is responsible for what. That’s all I can say.” Hm, we wonder if he’s referring to the speculation that Ted and Rebecca are totally the twins’ biological parents!

Source: ABC Family, Hollywood Life

03.3.2012 / 04:11 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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