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The Secret Circle

Who Should Faye Be With on The Secret Circle: Jake Armstrong or Lee Labeque?

Faye Chamberlain (Phoebe Tonkin) is the most eligible babe in Chance Harbor! She's drop dead gorgeous, has smouldering smoky eyes, pouty lips, wears slinky underwear because she "likes feeling slinky" – and to top it off, she's magical!

It's no wonder that Faye has two hunky manwitches vying for her attention, but does she belong with The Secret Circle's resident stud, Jake Armstrong (Chris Zylka), or the new boy in town, Lee Labeque?

Jake and Faye have had the hots for each other since back in the day when Jake was simply double-damaged (instead of quadruple damaged) — but their relationship seems a bit... ahem... physical. Is there anything more to these two than raw, sexual energy and spellgasms?

Faye doesn't know Lee nearly as well as she knows Jake, but they have a special connection that goes beyond creepy voodoo dolls and half-naked dark magic. It seems like Lee brings out a slightly softer side of Faye — which is something like the warm and fuzzy side of Regina George.

What's the verdict? Do you like your Faye served with a side of Jake, or a heaping hunk of Lee?