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Teen Mom

Do Teen Mom 2’s Adam and Chelsea Get Along Now?

Can you believe the drama between Chelsea Houska and her baby daddy, Adam Lind, this season on Teen Mom 2?

Between the four-letter words and the backwards baseball hats, Chelsea's season was full of angst. So, how is her relationship with Adam now-a-days?

"I'm really happy with the steps he's taken so far, I just hope it continues how it's going," Chelsea told Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 reunion special.

In fact, Adam and Chel-Chel's relationship is so great that he comes over "almost every day" to see Aubree!

"I'm not going anywhere," Adam said to Chelsea while Dr. Drew nodded approvingly. "I love you and I'm sticking it out. Even though we do have fights, everybody fights. It's gonna be good."

Sigh, we really, really, really want to believe him!

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